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Hiccup is Neville Matthew Lewis.

Cannot unsee.
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Wow, it's already February... This year is going to go even faster than I thought.

I just took a look at my scrapbook and kinda did a January digest. My movie watching skills are pretty good, writing is not bad, but reading? I am ashamed of that empty section under "books". I have a lot of unread/half-read books on my shelves, but I have absolutely no interest in reading lately. I'd rather spend that time writing or watching something (obviously!), but I need to get better at finishing books.

I was sick and in bed (expectedly) during the weekend. On Saturday I had to go to work for a brief meeting, then I came back home somewhat energized and stayed up late writing with [ profile] awakencordy. On Sunday my whole system collapsed and I spent the whole day in bed. Mom and dad were on vacation, they came back after 5 or 6pm, don't remember, mom fed me and gave me some medicine, then I slept like a baby and here I am today. I was all "meeeh I don't wanna work todaaay ;__;" in the morning, but then I went, I worked my ass off and I feel a lot better. This flu thing better go away soon, I don't want to spend another weekend sneezing and cleaning up snot all over my face (ugh, I know, sorry! TMI).

Mom, brother and brother's girlfriend are cooking and chatting downstairs. Such a happy little family! I am surprised how good mom and girlfriend are getting along. Mom is usually irritated with her, but she is really such a cutie, it's hard to resist. But this doesn't change the fact that my brother failed one of his classes and if he can't retake that failed class next year (which is also a prerequisite for 4 classes he MUST take to graduate) shit will get real so fast, I'm afraid of the things I'll see.

THANK GOD, SCHOOL IS OVER. I am thankful for it every single day.

I miss Death Note. I want to watch it once again, but I've just finished re-watching it last week (or the week before, whatever) so I remember pretty much everything and I'm not sure if it'll entertain me as much... Still, I miss it. I admit petting the DVD box set several times. I believe it's alive.

I'm thinking about quitting some of my TV shows. BUT, everytime I say this and stop watching a show I always end up wanting to go back and when I do, I like it even better than I did when I stopped watching. Endless dilemma.

I'm mostly indecisive about;
- Chuck: I don't know what they're doing anymore!
- House: I don't know why they're still making that show anymore! Although the latest episode was FUN! And I've been watching this for what...7 years now? Do I really want to stop now? It's still 200% better than Grey's Anatomy.
- Gossip Girl: Only watching for the possibility of Blair/Dan. Even Chuck is boring. If nothing happens this season I'm out for the future ones.
- Hellcats: I'm definitely quitting this one, boring, predictable and... boring. I'm taking it off the list right now... Done.

On the other hand, I can't get enough of these shows:
- Modern Family: AWE-WAIT FOR IT-SOME.
- How I Met Your Mother: Classic.
- Cougar Town: It simply makes me happy.
- Friday Night Lights: I'm in denial. This cannot be the last season
- The Vampire Diaries: Damon and his epic vampire tears.

This last category is for the shows I just watch because I really want to see what happens next, but not as much invested as I was before;
- Greek: If this wasn't the last season, I might be more bouncy about it. Beaver episode was GOLDEN though!
- Glee: I don't even... Just for the songs. Those damned songs.
- Bones: If someday Angela and Hodgins decide to leave, I'll leave. Until then, I'll work something out. Weekly cases are boring the hell out of me, plus Booth and Brennan need to have hot sex and get it over with.
- The Office: Last Steve Carell season. Must watch even though it's not even funny anymore. Are they planning on bringing Ricky Gervais next season? I heard no buzz about it whatsoever.
- Community: Because I was watching this when nobody cared and now it's the most hipster show ever, I can't quit. Plus Annie is pretty.

Yup, pretty much it. Oh by the way, does anyone know when Secret Diary of a Call Girl is coming back? Or is it coming back at all?

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Today was really tiring.

I got out of bed really late because my alarm clock has broken and I cannot afford a new one at the moment.

I feel sad, because Sarah and Britney are complete bitches. They told everyone I have an STD, just because I slept with both of their boyfriends on Saturday night.

I'm so hardcore. Me and Buzz went to the mall today, and I stole a whole heap of stuff. I got a Good Charlotte CD, a couple of DVDs and some new boots. Buzz got caught, but he fought his way out, and then we stole some lady's car and smashed it into a phone booth.

Last night I had to shave my entire body. Apparently, the lice that I caught from Amanda's friend are really hard to get rid of. I look quite strange with no hair and eyebrows. I'd post pictures, but my webcam is broken.

I want to tell the world that my girlfriend Amy is the bomb! She made pizza last night, and even though I burnt my lips on the cheese, it was awesome!!!

I am updating this journal for the first time in ages, because I've been in prison.

Today, I got a digital camera! Yes! Here's some photos of my girlfriend in the nude (but don't tell her that I've posted them here - she'll kill me! Har har.)

I want to say thanks to the academy for giving me this award.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I have bipolar disorder, which makes me different enough to be interesting, but the same as all the other cool people with bipolar disorder.

You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you you're a moron.

That's enough for now. But I'll leave you with this poem I wrote. It's about my friend Robert, who has bipolar disorder. Just like me. And Heidi.

Do you really believe I've done all those stuff? Wow. )
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If I had known about this when I was in college, I would definitely buy it. Incredible. This pen records your writing, your voice and even plays the writing back to you in a flash video with everything you said while writing it!


Well, you need the special notebook and everything, but they're not crazy expensive. I wish I had a job that required a lot of writing, I would be the hero with this pen.
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- Well, almost sick, but definitely tired. I couldn't get enough sleep last night. I was watching Brothers & Sisters, then I fell asleep at an uncertain time and woke up at 2 am. Too lazy to shut down my laptop, I tried to fall back to sleep while a random episode was playing in the background. Then I got really interested in the episode (which was the very last one of the previous season) so I watched it, then I watched the episode before that. Those are happening between 2:30 and 4:00 by the way... And finally at 4:30 I randomly fell asleep again and woke up at 7:00 to the sound of my alarm clock. At that point Brothers & Sisters were still playing in the background.

Basically I'm trying to live and breathe on coffee at the moment. Although it messes up my stomach, I'm afraid I'll need to drink more than one cup today. Or 15.

Oh and having my period is the cherry on top. I feel ~awesome~, how delightful.

- I was planning on having lunch with [ profile] awakencordy today, but I can't. Work work work. But on the other hand, I'm meeting with [ profile] glenien after work, which sounds pretty good right now, but I don't know what the day will bring. Hoping to have at least a bit of brain power and physical ability to sit up and communicate with a human.

- Have I mentioned I'm absolutely, 100% broke this month? I really don't know how that happened, but I'm left with a total of 20 bucks (10 in my wallet, 10 in the account). Thank god for credit cards, but I'm still a bit puzzled about the current situation. I think that's what happens when your parents aren't around to do the grocery shopping and paying the cleaning lady. When have I become this lazy? I used to be so good at housework and shopping when I was living alone. I got used to living with my parents pretty badly I guess... Whatever, they're coming back this Saturday, so hooray lazy living!

- Planning on skipping work on Monday. It's a half day and absolutely nothing gets done on those days. I'll just let my bosses know in advance, hopefully they'll be okay with it. I don't have any active projects at the moment, so I honestly don't care about the rest. Not my problem. Eta: Yay I officially got Monday off. 9 days of blissful holiday ahead. *knocks on wood*
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O Monday, Monday, wherefore art thou Monday?
Deny thy syndrome and refuse thy name;
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I'll no longer be working at a job.
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- I renewed my paid account and bought extra userpics. It feels good! I planned on not spending any money this month, alas LJ comes first.

- Woke up with a burning stomach tonight. I should cut back on coffee and go back to taking my anti-acid medicine. If this thing turns into an ulcer, I will cut a bitch.

- Feeling a lot better than yesterday. It was a total emotional burst. Don't know what the day will bring since it's still pretty early right now, but hopefully nothing dramatic or depressive.

- I hate how Squirrel Mail can NOT handle special characters. I use it as my webmail and even though it's the fastest, it's also the crappiest if you write/read in any language other than English. Stupid.

- This was sufficiently random, I'll see you later guys!


Oct. 27th, 2010 09:07 pm
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I have a brand new appreciation for Andrew Garfield. It's all Tumblr's fault.
And all those awesome suits he has worn in The Social Network.
And his accent.

Interesting. I haven't heard of him until he got the Spiderman part, but now it seems like he's EVERYWHERE.

ETA: LOLOLODFKLSJSLJ. The video. Oh god. He actually did it. =)))

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>> Today's Lost Girl day! Awesome! Another reason to immediately leave work and go home.

>> Working is frustrating, but re-doing someone else's crappy work is even more rage inducing.

>> LJ is in depression. My flist is full of emotional/confused/ranty/depressed entries. I love you guys, don't be sad ♥

>> Mondays should be included in the weekend. Starting the week from Tuesday makes a HUGE difference, believe me.

>> Dark and rainy weather is finally taking its toll on me. I am constantly sleepy, it's not good. I think it's some kind of a seasonal fatigue. I don't like it at all.

>> When I'm at work I want to do all sorts of other stuff, like read, write, do web design, wash the dishes, shop etc. But when I go home I find myself in bed, with my laptop, watching TV shows. I feel like my life is being wasted, but it doesn't bother me.

>> I decided that I'm too selfish to have a romantic relationship. I keep making up scenarios in my head and when it comes to deciding between my significant other and myself, I always chose myself. I guess you need to actually "fall in love" to get over your selfishness.

>> I really want to go home.
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I passed the certificate exam! YAY! :D With 97%! I was aiming for 100% but whatever :P I am now a certified Websphere Portal 6.1 admin. Except I don't know anything because I kinda memorized the questions, LOL. Whatever. Computer engineering is all about learning as you go, so unless you work on an actual system, your knowledge is pointless. I know assembly language, but do I ever use it? Nope. (Although that was my favourite course at uni.)

Wanna go home and watch Lost Girl! Wanna see more Dyson! Also there is Glee! Awesome night will be awesome!


Everytime I talk about TV with this much enthusiasm I feel weird. Is it normal to be THIS EXCITED about TV? Also yesterday Amazon delivered the books I ordered last week and I was beaming with joy and excitement. I guess what you enjoy and cherish in life changes from person to person, but I don't know many people who are as excited as I am about TV/books/movies. For my real life friends, internet consists of Facebook and Gmail and occasional google searches. But internet is my life now and it's usually very hard to explain this to people. I do almost everything online and this sounds really scary to some people.

I look at my mom and then imagine what sort of a mother I will be. My mom is a pretty successful woman, accomplished, cultured. So is my dad. But they still couldn't fully figure out the internet. Our generation will be very different. Our kids will have mothers and fathers who Google pretty much everything, download music, movies, tv shows, have blogs, know Photoshop, etc. etc. We'll even Google our kids names to find something interesting!


Yup, my random ramblings are over now. I feel lighter now that I got rid of that pesky exam and can focus on other things; like getting my work computer formatted so it runs faster and doesn't fail on me when I do ~important things!
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I'm having a really hard time adapting to work today. After 5 days of free-time I feel like somebody slapped me in the face and kicked me out of my house. Plus, I need to take that damn certificate exam this week. Grrr, I remember NOTHING about the subject.

I hate my hair today as well. It's my fault, really. I thought I could fix it when I woke up, but felt so lazy and tired, so I didn't.

Opera browser doesn't work properly on my work computer, so I had to switch to Firefox and I'm too lazy to install add-ons to have the awesome features I readily have on Opera. But I gotta admit, it's a lot faster than Opera. But then again ADD-ONS. I don't want. Too much work. But if you recommend me some, I'll glady check 'em out and make it pretty BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING TO DO TODAY.

I tried changing my layout, because honestly, I couldn't read a thing! After going through almost 20 different css codes, I ended up with a very old one I've already used for a century. I like it. Readable, clean, simple.


I saw Parker (from Leverage) in my dream. We were running away from something, don't remember what. There was a pool and I was wearing a hideous black dress whereas Parker was wearing a mini dress completely made of black lace. Wtf. It was almost a sex dream. It even involved a really small elevator. I'm having almost-sex-dreams about Parker. AWESOME!

Now you know how weird I am today, cheers!
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I love my new layout. It's absolutely unreadble at times, but do I care? Not a bit. It looks so dreamy and fluffy ♥

I'll be out today to send [ profile] glenien's external hard drive to a data recovery center. I feel her pain, really. I remember when I dropped mine and lost everything. And I didn't even bother to send it to a recovery place. (Just cried.) (Expensive shit is expensive.)

Ramadan holiday is coming! Tomorrow afternoon we go home and spend the next 4 and a half days relaxing. Oh yes. Well, we have to go to the other side of the city to vote for the referandum on constitutional changes (which is something extremely important in Turkey nowadays), but it's on Sunday so I don't care. I don't like Sundays anyway.

I'm listening to Whisperings Solo Piano radio on iTunes. Also I'm planning on reading more from The Book Thief today. It's pretty awesome.

Oh and I finished one of my stories last weekend! I feel so good about it and now I can start writing the next one! I have so many incomplete stories I need to finish... *sigh*
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- I feel like this week is a "filler week". Yesterday was a national holiday and I'll have 3 days of training starting from tomorrow. Except the exams, it's gonna be awesomely lazy. Plus, next week is the end of Ramadan so we'll have 2 days of fest-holiday which is awesome. I think I'll take the remaining 3 days off, hello laziness once again! See, my month is already starting as awesome as it can be! I love September ♥

- I have absolutely no idea what I did this past 2 weeks. I checked my latest RL post and it was dated August 17th. Awesome. I fail at updating. To be honest I have done absolutely nothing special. I watched Leverage. I'm already in season 3, episode 8 and I'm completely in love. Hardison > all.

- I'm listening to Boccherini's Minuet now, what. I don't even... Random song is random.

- I love my iPhone. Why didn't I buy one sooner?

- If I start another sentence with "I", I'm going to hit myself in the head.

- Watched the Emmy awards last night. The opening number was amazing, but the rest? Mediocre at its peek. I should have listened [ profile] awakencordy and never downloaded it in the first place. Oh and they gave an Emmy to NPH for his guest starring in Glee? Give me a break. It was nice, but not award-worthy. Such a joke. Stupid academy.

And Mad Men won, again. I hate that show. I've never seen even a single episode, but I hate it AND I hate Breaking Bad, too. There should be a rule not to give the same award to the same person/show 2 years in a row. It makes everything boring. But no matter what, it was great to see Connie and Kyle ♥ I want Friday Night Lights back in my life,

- Nothing else to say, I hope you guys are being awesome, love you all!
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It's been really long since I've made a decent update, so I will categorize the stuff on my mind and let you all know how my life is going. I know you're interested (even though it's not going to be as exciting as I'm hoping it would be).

Let's go;


My life lately consists of only 2 things: Heat and work. )


I've written 2 chapters worth of stuff 2 weeks ago >=/
I want to write more. I want to finish my current story and move on to the next one until I have nothing waiting in the queue of my mind. It's almost impossible, but I have hope. One day I'm going to look at my writing folder and see only one word document that is incomplete. ONE DAY IT'LL HAPPEN GUYS, I KNOW IT!


My family literally abandoned me this weekend.I hate staying alone in the house. )


Aside from my regular summer shows (True Blood, Drop Dead Diva and WEEDS!!) I tried watching Covert Affairs. It didn't click with me. I really like both leading actors, but it feels so artificial to me, so I gave up after 4 and a half episodes. I think I'm still stuck at the Alias phase.


I'm still reading Harry Potter. Yeah, I know. BUT THOSE BOOKS ARE HUGE! I've recently finished The Goblet of Fire and I still couldn't pass the first few chapters of The Order of the Phoenix. It's going to take me a lot longer to go through that one big ass novel. I feel like sitting down and reading a book is a waste of time compared to writing one, but since I CAN'T DO THAT EITHER it makes me sad. And mad. I'm smad.


I don't want to go out because it's too hot. Therefore I don't call anyone and nobody calls me either.


I'm constantly in a "meh" mood. I want to feel better. As soon as the weather gets better--AND BY "BETTER" I MEAN "COLDER"--I'll be fine, but that particular period of time seems so far away at this point. I'm annoyed.

Yup, this is it. My mind feels a lot organized at the moment, thanks for listening.
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This is way too awesome not to post.
This is Vangelia Gushterova. Also known as Baba Vanga. She may seem like a normal old lady, but she’s not. She’s a prophet from Bulgaria who accurately predicted 9/11.

But she wasn’t alive to see 9/11 happen. She was born in the year 1911 and died in the year 1996. When she was 12, she got stuck in a raging storm and the wind was so hard, she was lifted by it and was thrown to the ground from a great height. And, when people found her, her eyes were all sandy and she became blind.

Anyway, then she got all freaky and started predicting things. Like once, her older brother wanted to join the army but she begged him not to go because she had this vision that he’ll die at the age of 23.

And she was right. Her brother joined the army, was captured by Germans, and executed at the age of 23.

Okay, here’s a list of her predictions:
In 1980, she predicted in either 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered by water. At first, the Russians thought she was referring to the city of Kursk, so they were all confused and stuff. But then in 2000, the Russian submarine, Kursk, sank.
In 1989, she predicted that the World Trade Centre would be attacked by “steel birds”. [HOLY CRAP THAT WAS TRUE]
She predicted World War III will begin in November 2010. As a result, radioactive fallout will destroy almost all life in the Northern Hemisphere.
She predicted China will control the world by 2018.
By 2046, all body organs can be reproduced [WHAT EVEN]
In 2111, people will become robots.
In 2125, aliens will contact us [HOLY CRAP WHAT]
In 2130, the aliens will teach us how to breathe and live underwater.
In 2164, animals will turn half-human.
In 2183, our colony on Mars will break off from Earth and ask for independence.
In 2196, Asians and Europeans would have completely mixed. [NOT SURE WHAT THIS MEANS]
In 2221, while searching for ETs in space, humans will encounter something terrible [HOLY FUCK]
In 2341, something terrible will approach Earth from space. [WHAT EVEN]
In 3797, Earth will die. [FFFFUUU] But humans by then were advance enough to move to another planet [YAY!]
In 4509, we’ll be able to communicate with God. [WHOA!]
And in 4599, people will become vampires achieve immortality.

   Now, I’m not saying this will happen. But, so far, she’s been right about some. The future scares me now.


Steel birds. I don't even...
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I'm just like the weather today. I can't decide if I should be sunny and happy or say "Hell with it!" and rain down on everyone's parade. I think I need to sit down and make a serious "TO DO LIST".

Girl problems )
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I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing at the moment. Am I sleepy? Bored? Tired? All? I wrote a few pages for my bigbang fic and I'm bored. I changed my layout and it looks pretty and I think I am sleepy as well.

Before I go and end this pointless entry I should say that my office hours are busier + happier + I got a raise which is always awesome! ♥

This is my last weekend before I go on vacation and I am seriously in need of a smaller purse. I may go shopping with my mom tomorrow, but also I want to write more. Decisions, decisions...

I watched the rest of Eclipse and it was absolutely dreadful. I wish Kristen could have any other way of acting. Her facial expression didn't change throughout the whole movie. How is that even possible!? And the long pauses between every word KILLED ME. I'm so glad I didn't pay for this movie--any Twilight movie actually. Please end this franchise as soon as possible, or you know, make more Harry Potter movies. Thanks, Hollywood.

Good night.

P.S: That Thing You Do! is an awesome movie. Watch it. One of my all time favourites. I should buy the DVD, but I'm saving all my money for vacation. Maybe next month. Along with Mean Girls DVD. Mmmm epic shopping times are ahead.

Okay, okay, I'm gone.
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Thinking Outside The Box

You are driving down the road in your car on a wild, stormy night, when you pass a bus stop and you see three people waiting for the bus:

1. An old lady who looks as if she is about to die.

2. An old friend who once saved your life.

3. The perfect partner you have been dreaming about.

Which one would you choose to offer a ride to, knowing that there could only be one passenger in your car? Think, before you continue reading.

Now, continue reading. )
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Oh yes, you can play it. *been doing that whole night*


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