Jan. 31st, 2011

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Wow, it's already February... This year is going to go even faster than I thought.

I just took a look at my scrapbook and kinda did a January digest. My movie watching skills are pretty good, writing is not bad, but reading? I am ashamed of that empty section under "books". I have a lot of unread/half-read books on my shelves, but I have absolutely no interest in reading lately. I'd rather spend that time writing or watching something (obviously!), but I need to get better at finishing books.

I was sick and in bed (expectedly) during the weekend. On Saturday I had to go to work for a brief meeting, then I came back home somewhat energized and stayed up late writing with [livejournal.com profile] awakencordy. On Sunday my whole system collapsed and I spent the whole day in bed. Mom and dad were on vacation, they came back after 5 or 6pm, don't remember, mom fed me and gave me some medicine, then I slept like a baby and here I am today. I was all "meeeh I don't wanna work todaaay ;__;" in the morning, but then I went, I worked my ass off and I feel a lot better. This flu thing better go away soon, I don't want to spend another weekend sneezing and cleaning up snot all over my face (ugh, I know, sorry! TMI).

Mom, brother and brother's girlfriend are cooking and chatting downstairs. Such a happy little family! I am surprised how good mom and girlfriend are getting along. Mom is usually irritated with her, but she is really such a cutie, it's hard to resist. But this doesn't change the fact that my brother failed one of his classes and if he can't retake that failed class next year (which is also a prerequisite for 4 classes he MUST take to graduate) shit will get real so fast, I'm afraid of the things I'll see.

THANK GOD, SCHOOL IS OVER. I am thankful for it every single day.

I miss Death Note. I want to watch it once again, but I've just finished re-watching it last week (or the week before, whatever) so I remember pretty much everything and I'm not sure if it'll entertain me as much... Still, I miss it. I admit petting the DVD box set several times. I believe it's alive.

I'm thinking about quitting some of my TV shows. BUT, everytime I say this and stop watching a show I always end up wanting to go back and when I do, I like it even better than I did when I stopped watching. Endless dilemma.

I'm mostly indecisive about;
- Chuck: I don't know what they're doing anymore!
- House: I don't know why they're still making that show anymore! Although the latest episode was FUN! And I've been watching this for what...7 years now? Do I really want to stop now? It's still 200% better than Grey's Anatomy.
- Gossip Girl: Only watching for the possibility of Blair/Dan. Even Chuck is boring. If nothing happens this season I'm out for the future ones.
- Hellcats: I'm definitely quitting this one, boring, predictable and... boring. I'm taking it off the list right now... Done.

On the other hand, I can't get enough of these shows:
- Modern Family: AWE-WAIT FOR IT-SOME.
- How I Met Your Mother: Classic.
- Cougar Town: It simply makes me happy.
- Friday Night Lights: I'm in denial. This cannot be the last season
- The Vampire Diaries: Damon and his epic vampire tears.

This last category is for the shows I just watch because I really want to see what happens next, but not as much invested as I was before;
- Greek: If this wasn't the last season, I might be more bouncy about it. Beaver episode was GOLDEN though!
- Glee: I don't even... Just for the songs. Those damned songs.
- Bones: If someday Angela and Hodgins decide to leave, I'll leave. Until then, I'll work something out. Weekly cases are boring the hell out of me, plus Booth and Brennan need to have hot sex and get it over with.
- The Office: Last Steve Carell season. Must watch even though it's not even funny anymore. Are they planning on bringing Ricky Gervais next season? I heard no buzz about it whatsoever.
- Community: Because I was watching this when nobody cared and now it's the most hipster show ever, I can't quit. Plus Annie is pretty.

Yup, pretty much it. Oh by the way, does anyone know when Secret Diary of a Call Girl is coming back? Or is it coming back at all?



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