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>> So yeah, [ profile] glenien and I tried to buy some decent tickets for Avatar today and naturally failed to do so, because people apparently went crazy and bought everything for the weekend. We had to postpone it to next week, because we didn't want to see it anywhere other than IMAX. *snob*

>> Got my driver's license yesterday! Hooray! It looks pretty ♥

>> If you still want to have some LJ coupons, go here. I still have 10 coupons to give away.

>> Watched Alice. Hatter was awesome, but other than that... )

>> Also watched first 2 parts of BBC's Emma. Romola Garai is perfect! )

>> Taylor Swift's The Best Day is my new obsession, such a cute song! God smiles on my little brother, inside and out he's better than I am... Exactly. I love my little brother, even though he is a total bitch sometimes, LOL. Still, if you have a younger sibling, it's the closest thing to being a mother/father. I know that "willingness to give my life for him" feeling, it is amazing. /end of emo section of the post>

>> Mom bought the biggest (and real) Christmas tree ever. It is really huge. She kinda went overboard with it this year, LOL! We spent a good 2 hours with dad, trying to put the lights on it, but it was so much fun. (Then he ended up buying another set of lights because he thinks it's not bright enough. Wow, dad, never knew you were the decorative type!) We have yet a huge box of ornaments to use... Fun times. I'll take photos once it's done ♥

Eta: New mood theme! Syd's Aliases by [ profile] crackified
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I passed the driving exam! It was ridiculously easy. I think I've just made 2 right turns and changed the gear once and it was done. But I shamefully admit, I couldn't stop the car properly because people in the backseat were practically talking at the same time and telling me to stop NOW. The actual exam course I memorized was twice as long so I wasn't sure what to do, therefore the car slowed down way too much and awkwardly stopped >=/ Stopping the car was the best thing I could do, and it annoyed me to no end, but WHATEVER, I passed! Yay! I don't have to think about it anymore! I'm free!

...and dead tired. I think the swine flu vaccine finally decided to kick in. I'm going to eat and rest. My college friend was supposed to come from New York today, but she missed her flight so she'll arrive at noon tomorrow instead, which is awesome because I have no energy to go out tonight. A simple cup of coffee will suffice tomorrow, yayx2!

It was a good day indeed :)

Best day!

Nov. 12th, 2009 07:59 pm
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I had the best day today, yay! ♥ It was my day off and it was totally worth it...

- My last driving lesson was a brilliant success! I actually drove all the way back from the driving course to the city! It was exciting! I think the key to "relaxed driving" is having someone with you who doesn't panic and doesn't give you some kind of advice after your each and every move. I actually made peace with the clutch pedal as well.

- I wrote. Yes, I actually sat down in the afternoon and wrote almost 1400 words without interruption ♥

- Have a downside to all of this as well, but it's not so important. I got my swine flu vaccine shot today and my left arm is extremely sore. It even hurts a little bit when I type... If I can get by tommorrow without any fever or fatigue, I'll be fine.

- The project I've been working on is officially over! My boss called me today and asked me something about it and I'm 90% sure that they deployed it without me and *happy sigh*

- Well, my arm hurts really bad at the moment so I'll stop using it for a while. I have a ton of stuff to download! I've been offline allday! D:


Nov. 8th, 2009 06:07 pm
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I hate driving. Driving is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and I don't like it. I just want this driving exam to be over and no matter what the result is, I won't be driving again anytime soon (maybe never.) I still suck at certain stuff, so I have to take a break from work on Thursday and go to a final lesson (not sure if it's going to make any difference, but whatever.)

I'm drained. Literally drained. These past two weeks were very hard on me and I realized it just now: driving, trainings, projects, my bff's hospital visits, bla bla bla... Also my dad was sick (nothing serious, balance problem related to the middle ear so he couldn't sleep for 3 days and generally felt like crap.) and I was worried about him, but I ended up yelling at him today in the car, because I was so tired and now I feel like shit about it, and I feel like crying, but I don't want to, because if I do, I'll have a headache and that'll just suck, so I won't cry.

I'm downloading Merlin, maybe it'll cheer me up. Just one of those days...

ETA: Oh yes, Merlin indeed cheered me up ♥ But I still hopelessly wish for more Morgana...
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- I once again realized that my daily/weekly/yearly routines are extremely dear to me and if or whenever something or somebody alters my routines I instantly feel depressed. This time it was the whole weekend that got ruined and made me almost cry.

1. There was my very first driving lesson on Saturday and just my luck, the weather was from HELL! Damn nature! You're scary! )

2. The depression part came on Sunday. I didn't know that we were going to stay overnight at our other house, so I didn't bring any of my stuff (clothes, books, laptop, etc.) and I ended up sleeping in my underwear because I couldn't find my spare pyjama bottom! It was freezing at night. Damn the cold!

3. And since we didn't plan on staying the night we didn't bring the hamster dude with us, I feared that he died from extreme cold weather the whole time!
It wasn't that cold and he didn't die, but he scared me to death, because when I got home on Sunday night I found him in the cage, staring wide eyed at me. I shook the cage a little bit, but he didn't move at all! Just when I was about to assume that he froze just like that, eyes open, ears down, my little white ball of fur blinked and I wanted to sit down and cry!

4. It was 1 am when we finally got home on Sunday, because we waited for my mom in the airport for 2 straight hours. It was cold and boring and depressing and I had to take a bath before I went to bed, so I finally went to sleep at 2 am or something...

5. I won't do the same mistake again next weekend. I'm taking my pj's and books and laptop! But I still think somebody should erase the existance of the clutch pedal and do it very soon.

I couldn't write, read, relax at all. It felt like 2 months in the middle of nowhere (although it was another version of home) and I don't want to experience that again. Do not take my routines away from me, I need them and I love them as much as I hate the clutch pedal!

Drive safely, my friends. Drive safely...
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- Driver's License test was quite easy (and mostly funny), but it doesn't change the fact that I'm terrified of the actual "driving test" which is in in 3 weeks. Considering I've never sat behind the wheel, let alone driven a car, it's going to be interesting. I'll be taking courses on the weekends, but still... I think I'm smarter than the half of the people who are driving, but you never know.

- I took a long nap today and now I'm 100% percent awake. I should go to bed early since I have an early "Oracle reports" class tomorrow morning, but don't have any idea where I will find my sleep.

- I miss my bff.

- My hamster is in intense cleaning mode. It must be really hard for him to try and clean all that fur.

- I'm about to watch Dollhouse, but I'm not excited. There's something seriously wrong with that show. On top of everything FOX decided not to run it during the November sweeps. If a Bones rerun is more interesting than an actual new episode Dollhouse, I say we have a big problem. And I'm pretty sure Joss is aware of that and just having fun while he can. We still love you Joss, but please do something less smart so it can live longer.

- New Merlin tonight, yay! I hope at least one of my bffs go online, it's really depressing right now.

- Mmmm it smells like chicken and rice, I'm hungry. Take care my lovely friends, I love you all!


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