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So amazing ♥ Not done with watching yet, continue after lunch, but still, SO MANY MEMORIES ;_;
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I enjoy all of these behind the scenes specials so much! ♥
40+ minutes of Deathly Hallows Part II Behind the Scenes!

3 and a half more parts under the cut. )

Unrelated note: The new LJ header is hideous. AS USUAL.
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I love this kid. Love love love him.

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Although I'll totally play if there's a game. I want to be sorted into Hufflepuff and it'll feel somewhat official with this.
I wonder if they'll ask for money during registrations, because it would be EPIC FAIL.
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Saw the movie last night at a very nice theatre with my two bffs [ profile] awakencordy and [ profile] glenien. Our seats were amazing, people were fun to watch with and the movie was 100% awesome.

I loved everything about it. Not a single moment I don't like. Maybe it's mostly because this was the first grown up Trio movie I've seen, but generally the movie had the correct tone I expected. Hopeless, lonely, but still young and pretty.

Some other details that may sound spoilery for people )

I think this is pretty much it. Can't wait for the DVD to come out. Such epic awesomeness, guys. Can't believe there's only one movie left, and then it's over. *weeps*

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Premieres on YouTube on July 22nd, Thursday (TOMORROW!) Let everyone know! ♥
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Deathly Hollows Hallows (I can never get this right) trailer with Coldplay's Fix You:

Delightful... ♥
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One more! )
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- Okay, lately all my posts included either Save Our Seeker campaign or movie trailers. I should break the cycle. But before I do that, can you please do this for me flist? Even if you don't watch the show, join this twitter trending campaign tomorrow, will you?
As a part of the Save Our Seeker campaign, fans are planning on trending #SaveOurSeeker at 8am ET and #LegendoftheSeeker at 12pm ET on Twitter on Saturday, May 1st. If you have a Twitter account, please help Legend of the Seeker fans raise awareness of our campaign to save our favorite show.

The timing of the Tweets are very crucial, so if you can not be on the site at the designated time you could always use the site Twaitter to perfectly time the Tweet. Also the Tweets must be not be considered spam by Twitter to be counted, so that means you can only say #LegendoftheSeeker or #SaveourSeeker in a full sentence tweet, and only once per tweet. For more guidelines on making the Tweets count, and for full details on the Trending campaign you can visit the SaveTheSeeker site.


Thank you! ♥

Let's move on...

- I bought one of those awesome banker lamps the day before and they're delivering it today, I'm so excited! Here is my baby: (well, almost.) Whenever I attempted to buy one, it was either the wrong model or too expensive.

- I'm still reading my beloved Harry Potter books. I finished Chamber of Secrets on Monday and it was the most boring of them all. Maybe it's becuse I kind of remembered everything from the movie or most likely because Lockhart is my least favourite DaDa teacher.
However, I started Prisoner of Azkaban on Tuesday and it's my absolute favourite! It's gonna be so much fun! After this one, brick-thick volumes start, hah!

- Today is Friday and I have to decide what to write on the weekend. I have two ongoing novels in my hands. One's a re-write and the other one's a first draft. I really want to re-rewrite the first one. We'll see. I should be fair to both of them and most importantly finish them both. *crosses fingers*

- Everyone should watch Cougar Town. I strongly believe that it's the best comedy show of the year! Forget about the horrible name and just watch it for characters! It's delightful!
My brief thoughts on this weeks episode... )

- 10 Things I Hate about You is cancelled. I'm so sorry for the fans. I know how it feels. *sigh*

- My face itches. I really want to stop using make up, but it's impossible to look good without it. Unless I'm on the beach or by the pool of course. Sunshine is my natural make up. SUMMER, PLEASE COME QUICKLY! I'm still wearing sweaters, it's annoying.

- LJ's new header is pretty. I didn't vote for this one, but still, pretty ♥
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- When will my sore throat heal? It's painful, I want to cry :'(

- Tumblr: - As of now: %50 Harry Potter, %50 Legend of the Seeker.
Twitter: - Please let me know if you add me there, it's too hard for me to recognize you if your twitter username is different from your LJ one.

- Current obsessions: Legend of the Seeker, Harry Potter, everything related to fantastic/fairy tales.

- I still haven't watched Lost. I keep postponing it and probably it's one of those very good episodes. Idk.

- BBC's Planet Earth soundtrack (by George Fenton) = heavenly.

- So is Lord of the Rings soundtrack as you all know.

- I want to watch LOTR trilogy, but first I shall finish my Harry Potter books + movies. I'm halfway through Chamber of Secrets.

- God, my throat hurts so fucking much, I hate it. My one and only doctor who happens to be my dad tells me it's some kind of a flu and I don't like it at all. IT HURRRRRTTSSSS :((((((((((

- I'll go read some and go to bed. I can't take anymore painkillers today, woe. Already got two (morning and after dinner). Woe is me.
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Oh man, I love these kids! ♥

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone )

I'll watch the movie tonight. Book, movie, book, movie... It's going to be fun! Plus kid!trio! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
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They're here! They're here!! ♥

Going back to Hogwarts! )
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- I've been reading MARK READS TWILIGHT for two days and it was a both fun and scarring experience. I now don't have any idea why I enjoyed those books. Fandom ruins everything.

If you want to read, start from August 2009 and go from there, it's so much fun (and sometimes dark when he mentions his abusive past and how it's so hard to be adopted, gay and a Christian at the same time) and even more amazing if you actually hate Twatlight.



Oh and S. Meyer wrote another book novella to accompany the other 4 and a half. It's about a character named Bree Tanner (whom I have absolutely no memory of) who appreared in Eclipse and got killed by one of the Volturri.

So sad.

It's about her short period of time as a vampire. How interesting!


edit: Amazon has just sent me an email
As you've shown an interest in Stephenie Meyer's books, we thought you'd like know about the exciting release of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner on 5th June 2010.

Fans of the "Twilight" saga will be enthralled by the riveting story of Bree Tanner, a character introduced in "Eclipse". With an irresistible combination of danger, mystery and romance, Meyer tells the devastating tale of Bree and the newborn vampire army as they prepare to close in on Bella Swan and the Cullens.

Don't make me regret the day I bought those books, Amazon. It was a very vulnarable period of my life! I was moving back home and my life was changing, BUT NOW, IN MY RIGHT MIND, NO.

- He'll start reading Harry Potter soon and I'll be following that as well! I'm still waiting for my books to arrive. COME ON AMAZON, DELIVER THEM ALREADY!

- It smells like a bakery in here, wtf! I shouldn't eat anymore. I've gained so much weight it's crazy.

- Speaking of weight; I started exercising last week and in my first day of actually walking on the treadmill my sneakers blistered my poor ankles so bad, it was crazy. I'm now wearing high ankle socks to the gym.

And apparently I can't run for more than a minute. My heart literally aches. Plus, yesterday after a 30 minute work out I felt extremely bloated. What's up with that!? It was like my muscles were swollen and I couldn't stand straight.

I think that's what happens after sitting on my ass for 1.5 years without doing anything other than using stairs.

- It's mom's birthday this Sunday, happy times. And it's also [ profile] awakencordy's birthday this month (22nd), festive times. Plus two other friends. So many people were born in April.

- Next week (and the week after) will be about training training training! There will be so much training that two of them will overlap. Crazy times. I wonder what purpose will they serve considering I still haven't received any analysis on any of the projects we're supposed to be doing in the near future. Lazy times.

- I have nothing else to add. I'm hungry. Eating apples make you even more hungry.
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- AVPM!Draco is made of win, just so you know... Pigfarts, pigfarts, here I come. Pigfarts, pigfarts, yum yum yum!

My mood was extremely down and I felt a little sick today, but A Very Potter Musical lifted my spirits yet again, so I'm a lot better. Plus, there was a 4-year-old cute girl in the office today, we played hide and seek at lunch, she was delightful!

- Started watching Misfits last night. It's totally awesome. If you haven't checked it out yet, do it. I'm quite late to the buzz, but I have to tell you, it is truly fun!
Misfits is a British live-action superhero comedy-drama about a group of young offenders forced to work in a community service programme, where they become imbued with supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm.

I think I don't need to tell you that Nathan is my favourite. Robert Sheenan has the cutest eyes (and overall face, attitude, etc.). Plus, Simon is weird in the awesomest way.

So yeah, watch it. After the whole Skins depression, Misfits is dark, yet really funny.

- Cho Chang domo arigato, Cho Chang ~~ I think it's the Turkish coffee I drank a while ago, I'm completely buzzed right now and it's so sunny outside! It's not fair! I am stuck in this office virtually doing NO-THING WHATSOEVER.


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