Mar. 9th, 2011 07:04 pm
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I shall go on Tumblr and stay there forever. Come on Tumblr, don't disappoint me on this. You gotta have some gems this week. So many soooo many feelings oh my god.
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I have a brand new appreciation for Gwyneth Paltrow at the moment! She was absolutely charming and a very good entertainer/singer/dancer/etc. I've never known... Forget You will be my jam for a while ~~


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- How awesome was Glee this week?! I'm not just saying this because it had Darren Criss in it... Well, yeah, maybe I am. Let's go all the way tonight... )

- I am so tired, yet 100% satisfied. Work kicked my ass, but I made an excellent impression with my boss. Fingers crossed for a future promotion!

- Gwaine, your epic hair flip distracts me right now, so I'll just watch Conan. GUYS, CONAN IS BACK! ♥
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It's been exactly 10 days since I last posted something here. When did I become so lazy? I'm quite active on Twitter and Tumblr, but LJ has been pretty slow, I know.

Last week--last 2 weeks to be honest-- have been the most tiring weeks of my life. Work was killing me (it still does, but I kind of got used to it) and then my cousin got married last Sunday and since Wednesday, our house was full of guests. At the end of all this: mom got sick, I was extremely tired and couldn't go to work on Monday, everyone was extremely cranky, but now we're all okay. Mom's on vacation in Switzerland (so random, I know) and I'm back at work.

Also, I caught the bouquet at the wedding! Hooray! I'm getting married next :P As soon as I find someone to marry.

There are so many weddings and engagements around me, it feels overwhelming. It's best to ignore it all.

Since I was pretty much occupied at all times this last 2 weeks, I wasn't very productive. I couldn't write/read. I'm planning on redeeming my lack of creativity this week, we'll see. I'm re-reading Switching Time for research purposes. I also watched Sybil, recommend it to everyone. Loved it.

I have absolutely nothing interesting to add to this post. Except maybe I should tell you how excited I am that I'll watch Glee's Britney episode tonight! Was it as epic as everyone expected? Just say yes or no, I don't know who'll sing what, I didn't "song-spoil" myself as usual :))

Yup, that's all folks. I'm so sleepy right now, it's crazy. And I'm supposed to work? Oh yeah. Sure.


Jun. 9th, 2010 08:07 pm
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Cheesy, predictable, yet full of heart ♥ I teared up many MANY times ~~ I'm not gonna nitpick, not this time. Awesome season finale was awesome and 100% Glee.
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Glee; best episode ever. Santana should sing ALL THE FREAKING TIME PLEASE, THANK YOU.
And I'm thirsty.
For real.
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This part was quite obvious, but still made me happy. Click for a single Glee spoiler. )
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- I should begin this entry with the most important TV event, LOST.
Lost was pretty open and simple, I don't know why people didn't like this episode... )

- I enjoyed Glee very much, as usual. The boy is mine... )

- I'm going to see Mika on 29th with a big group of friends! (especially with [ profile] glenien and [ profile] awakencordy!) They delivered my ticket today. I love online shopping so much, it's insane.

- Okay guys, now listen to me. Are you looking for new shows to watch this summer? I know you do. So just go ahead watch these three:
1. Legend of the Seeker: Because it's amazing, fun, sexy and the NZ scenery is to die for.
2. Cougar Town: IT.IS.NOT.ABOUT.A.COUGAR. It's one of those heartwarming and extremely funny ensemble shows, plus it's created by Bill Lawrance (Scrubs).
3. Lie to Me: It's smart. It's interesting. It's procedural, yet not so much formulaic as other procedural shows. Cast is amazing, chemistry is just the right amount!

I, myself, will start watching Burn Notice and White Collar this summer. I'm hoping to be swept away by both!

- I love my new header: Kahlan being bad ass with her hair and awesome dress flowing around ♥

- I'm addicted to Tumblr.

- I think I'm losing weight, but not sure.

- It's too hot in here, I'm having a hard time breathing properly wtf. Turn on the AC!


Apr. 21st, 2010 09:24 pm
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20 AWESOME THINGS FROM THIS WEEK'S GLEE! (not in any particular order) )

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- Every single plot point moves onward way too fast.
- Most of those mentioned plot points don't make sense.
- Some of the characters move from being loveable to straightforward annoying in mere seconds.
- Rachel sometimes scream too much so I have to decrease the volume.
- Sue Slyvester is too mean.
- Will Schuester is kind of spineless.
- Finn rarely finds a good song for this voice level and I'm quite indifferent to his looks.

- It's 100% fun!
- They are singing! They are singing very well!
- Rachel can sing. Even at times she's screaming.
- Finn blows my mind at times he finds the right song. This week, he was HOT AND TALENTED AT THE SAME TIME.
- Those kids make me love songs I've never even heard of/can't stand to listen on the radio.
- Glee Covers > sliced bread.
- They made singing sexy no matter how you look/act.
- Will Schuester is the cutest man in the whole wide world.
- Mercedes and Kurt are OT-freaking-P.
- Santana & Brit = something very beautiful. (Dolphins = Gay sharks.)
- No matter what happens on this show it ends up lifting my spirits... One song at a time ♥
- Voldemort is a fan. He can finally dance again.
- And finally, once again;

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>> Unrelated subject is unrelated.

>> This morning I had the best good morning from one of our neighbor's little kid. She is at most 5 years old, pointed at me while I was getting out of the apartment and said "Mom! Look who's coming!" then she looked up to me and said "Hi, are you our neighbor?"
I said "Yes, dear, I'm your neighbor!" and she said the sweetest good morning to me! ♥ I love love love little girls! :) We'll be greeting each other every morning!

>> Glee also makes me happy )

>> Well, subject is not unrelated after all. Carrie Underwood's new album Play On is pretty. So far I've added 4 songs to my "all time Carrie Underwood favourites" list: Cowboy Casanova, Quitter, Songs Like This and What Can I Say.

>> I just saw 11:11 on my cell phone's clock and made a wish! Yay! ♥


Nov. 26th, 2009 05:10 pm
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Oh my god, guys, Glee! Imagine all the people sharing all the world... )

Love love love this episode!

AND YAY I'M ON HOLIDAY FOR 4 WHOLE DAYS! W000T! Write write write!!
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Today, I was listening to the Glee soundtrack in my room when I turned it off for a second so I could finish my homework. Immediately, I heard my brother yell from the other room, "Turn that back on! It's almost time for Mercedes's solo!" He's 18 and the captain of the football team. MLIA.

Is it weird that I now think Glee is officially approved by fans because it's on MLIA? (and I feel so proud and warm inside ♥)


Oct. 24th, 2009 10:42 pm
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Ken is officially cooler than Mr. Schue right now XD

'Cos he's hanging with the fang gang! He isn't your ordinary Gleek!

More obvious photo inside )
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- I don't care if it's Friday, it totally feels like Monday to me, because I'll be busier than ever on the weekend D:

- Had a doctor's appointment today and for a 15 minute meeting with the doctor, we spent almost 2 hours in traffic. It was baaaaad and motion sickness sucks. And since there was nothing new about my situation (with the fact that I have already been using the medicine he gave me for over 3 years now) I'll never go to a doctor about this again.

- I want something sweet so bad right now, but I don't have anything.

- No Vampire Diaries or Bones this week, I'm mad!

- Glee was awesome! Puck > all. I'm so proud of the attention this show is getting. Supposedly "Madonna has given the rights for her entire catalog and an episode dedicated to the Queen of Pop’s greatest hits are in the works." Exciting!!

- Cougar Town is ♥ I seriously love the show, you should all watch it.

- New Friday Night Lights next week! W00t!

- I'm tired and I still didn't finish studying on engines for the exam tomorrow. I hate cars, I hate traffic, I hate exams. I hate humanity right now.

- At least I'll have Project Runway to watch tonight. I seriously think Irina will win at the end, although she is a total bitch.

- That is all.
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Last week was a mess. I was sick and kind of depressed so I ended up watching everything on the weekend.

So here we go, weekly TV digest October 5th-11th TV )

Haven't watched Brothers & Sisters yet, but I gotta tell you that I'm loving it this season. Such amazing group of people in one show. Katie, you should catch up asap!

Also when will Lady Gaga make a new album? Do it Gaga, I'm already bored with this one!
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I have never been so happy to be back at work! It's now official: I hate pointless vacations. My productivy level was -98439347 and my mood was constantly down and I was almost always restless!

Summary of the boredom )

I watched a hell lot of TV shows though. It was almost inhuman.

TOO MUCH TV. Seriously. )

Tonight Brothers & Sisters and tomorrow new Lie to Me! Excited!

I'm so thankful that I got my old routine back, I miss my desk, my phone, my pens, my 8 Ball, the computer humming in the office, artificial air, bad cafeteria food, everything!
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Yay! Tv talk everyday! :D

Glee 1x03 )

Bones 5x01 )

The Beautiful Life 1x01 )

I think I can watch an episode of Alias before I go to bed, so my brain can return to reality!
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I'm spamming a lot today, but this, this is love.

She is so amazing... ♥

Yup, going to bed now!
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"You think this is hard? I'm living with Hepatitis, that's hard." - Sue Slyvester


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