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My favourite activity when I want to kill some time: going to [ profile] picspammy and look around.

This is quite an awesome jem I found. I agree with each and every choice, reasons, EVEN ALTERNATIVES.

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I'm not a huge picspam person, but this episode was special (finale and all...) and EXTREMELY PRETTY! Plus I was able to obtain awesome HD caps and simply couldn't stop myself.

Let's get on with it.

Oh so many spoilers ahead! )
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Holy Mother Confessor! This is epic! Click on the picture!

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Seriously. The cutest and most accurate picspam of these two.
Veronica Mars and Buffy Summers would truly make an excellent team ♥

by [ profile] wowsugarpuss_
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I'm trying to kill some time until workday is over, so here we go, another picspam. I really want to watch this show all over again, knowing everything. People keep telling me how different it becomes after you know who did it, so I'll give it a shot when I have time.

But you, spoiler geeks, don't ruin this for yourself :)) Thankfully this picspam does NOT contain any spoilers. It's just pretty.

[ profile] sparkagrace
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Everytime I get lost in a Buffy picspam I want to re-watch the whole thing, but never get the time. I guess picspams have to suffice.

by [ profile] abandonedmem
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[ profile] schmiss is a genius.

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by [ profile] sheckler
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Just because I don't want to work today, I'll make a Skins intro post. It will be extremely biased and consist 90% of Sid/Cassie goodness, but still it's worth to take a look.

I was a total stranger before I started watching this (as you might remember from my previous "I want to watch Skins but wth is that about? entry) but as it went on it won me over :)

I'll be using fantastic animated gifs by [ profile] sunshinefun27, so I don't take any credit on that part :) But beware, this is going to be very image heavy! I suggest you wait until the whole page loads and then go on with reading.

This picspam can be spoilerish at times, but just so you know there aren't any "OMG! WHY DID YOU TELL ME THAT!?" moments in season one, except a part of the season 1 finale which I won't reveal, therefore I'll feel free to spoil you on the insights of the relationships. I promise I'll leave some stuff to watch, but there are a total of 9 episodes in season 1, so not much to talk without giving away some stuff.

Let's begin:

What is Skins? (and what I love the most about it) )
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Today me and mom went for a walk in Emirgan Korusu (Emirgan Woods) and it was so beautiful, so colorful and amazing ♥ I took tons of photos to show you guys but my snob camera somehow manage to screw them up! I had so many beautiful Bosphorus pictures for you :( Whatever, we'll go there for breakfast tomorrow, I'll take some more then..

Here are the ones that came out okay. Bigger ones are under the cut...

Spring in Istanbul )
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Yet another fun episode with a lot of Jack/David action haha! :)

In this installment of our picspam, we are very image heavy with a total of 130 pictures. So, beware.

Also as usual, it is highly spoilerish for those who didn't have a chance to catch the awesomeness.

Let's go to the Happy Place )

Credit for wonderful caps goes to [ profile] marishna :)
See you all next week ;) Be in the Happy Place!

Pimping is the happiest thing ever:

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This has been sitting in my computer for days! A good review before the 4th episode on Sunday ;)

As usual, since this is also a recap (a very weird and twisted one, but...) can be spoilerish for those who didn't have the luck to be a part of it.

Prosperity Picspam and Recap )

Credit for caps go to [ profile] marishna :) and of course, pimping is awesome! Use the code below:

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Kings has definitely won my heart ♥
Kings is a television drama series airing on NBC and Citytv, based on the Biblical story of King David but set in a fictional kingdom resembling the present-day United States.

KINGS 1x01-02 Picspam

66 pictures. A lot of fun and it can also be considered as a recap ;)

Goliath )

Credit for caps go to [ profile] marishna. And please credit [ profile] thelake if you take any pictures from this picspam. Resizing and coloring is serious business. :) Pimping is good.


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