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Friday Night Lights was my show so I kind of feel obligated to write about the finale.

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose. )
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I'm about the watch the finale in ~10 mins. This was the warm up to a full hour of sobbing:

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2 things made me happy today;

One picture, one video... )

And 1 thing made me-or I must say will make me cry like a little kid with a broken crayon:

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Latest episode had 3 things: 2 of them good, 1 of them bad. Let's start with bad news )
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Just watched Friday Night Lights ♥


Literally. My heart skips a beat just before I press play. Every.single.time. Everything about it is just so perfect. Seriously guys, this show shouldn't be missed. I wish I had more friends watching this show so I could share the excitement/love/sadness of the last season.

On the other hand I'm really glad it's such a low key TV show, because all the characters are 100% real for me. Kyle Chandler is and will forever be Coach Taylor, Connie Britton will be Tami Taylor and all the others... That's what I love the most about it. I've never heard any drama behind the scenes, nothing, just pure awesome acting and storytelling. It's like I'm watching 45 minutes of "real life".

5x01 )

I have so many feelings about this show, it's insane.

[ profile] awakencordy just told me she'll check it out during the winter hiatus! YAY! Whenever someone says they're going to watch FNL (and in this case it's my bff, omg yes!) it automatically brings out tiny little hearts in my eyes ♥

This show... Oh this show is just good. Really, honestly, 100% good. I am going to buy the whole 5 seasons box set when it comes out, plus the companion book. I must own them.

ETA: Hastings was the douchey quarterback in True Blood! The one who drove Jason crazy! LOL! And his real name is Grey Damon. Can his name be any hotter? Maybe if it was "I Am Sex", yeah...
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Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series
Friday Night Lights • Kyle Chandler as Eric Taylor

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series
Friday Night Lights • Connie Britton as Tami Taylor

Additionally... )

And I tried watching Eclipse last night... )
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Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching


I started watching this show from the very first day. It took me a while to fall for it, but when I did, it was permanent. This show is by far the most sincere and real show I've ever watched. Even though a big chunk of the main cast was in supporting roles for the rest of previous season there was still that energy and it was all thanks to Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and Tami Taylor (Connie Britton). Their relationship, marriage and family values are the best one that has ever been portrayed on TV. If you still haven't given a chance to this show (mostly because it looks like it's all about football and I assure you it's not), do it now. Next season will (probably) be its last, but it's worth joining the ride. On a sidenote: I've never guessed Taylor Kitsch could be such an awesome actor. Oh and Zach Gilford is delightful as the underdog Matt Saracen. THE WHOLE CAST is awesome to be honest. Just watch it.
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Although I'm watching an obnoxious amount of shows, I'm not much of a fangirl for them, except Friday Night Lights. This show owns my heart and soul. Seriously, everyone, this show is just... I can't even begin to tell. It is epic in every way: writing, acting, realism, emotions, every single thing.

And I think I kind of love that it's not so out in the open, doesn't have a crazy, extremely devoted and active fandom like any other popular show, because it makes everything about it more real.

All in all, if you have time, start from the very beginning and watch this show. From what I've heard ([ profile] torigates said it, so it's all her fault!) next season will be its final season, so sad!

Let's talk about the season 4 finale;

Texas forever )

I can't believe I have to wait for almost 10 months to see season 5, but I'm sure it'll be the best final season on TV ever.


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