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★ I attempted to update here several times in these past weeks, but always felt like I didn't have anything substantial to say. Still feel like it, but whatever. All my f-list is updating and I'm afraid people will forget I exist and defriend me or something...

★ Been listening to Adele's Hiding My Heart for a couple of days and it's not doing me any good. I'm a bit disappointed in myself on the heart and feelings department and I've been feeling a little lonely for a while, so listening to Adele is like going on a suicidal mission willingly.

★ Another disappointment I had this week was the Bones season finale. Rest of this paragraph might still be spoilery for some of you, so I'll cut right here. )

★ How awesome is Game of Thrones? I love how it's critically acclaimed and epic and all that jazz. Of course it is, because it's not tv, it's HBO.

★ Remember the time I told you I was gonna start looking for another job? Hah. I'm doing NOTHING about it. Well, for my defense, there have been some major organizational changes in the company and now our department is a research and development unit which is awesome and means more money, so I'm hoping to get a piece of that pie.

★ Speaking of pie, I've gained so much weight it's insane. A coworker asked me if I gained weight before she said good morning (rude much?), so I take it as an emergency and start dieting. I'm not gonna starve myself, but I am also aware that I have been eating A LOT OF junk food and pastries lately. I quit. And I gotta start swimming. Summer is here. As soon as they put the sunbeds by the pool, I am there. I already have a natural lifesaver around my belly from eating too much cake. HA HA HA, not funny at all. I hate it. It feels like I have passed my prime and slowly falling into a pit of belly fat and boring days. I'm not obsessed with physical appearance, but I remember myself being all thin, fit and energetic and my current situation feels like shit to be honest. I need to change my ways and losing some of this weight will surely make me feel a bit better. Hopefully.

★ I believe I have sufficiently made your day a little bit more depressing, so mission accomplished. See you at my next post which will probably happen at a distant time in the future.


Dec. 11th, 2010 10:09 pm
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Dear Brennan,

Why'd you have to go and break my heart into thousand tiny pieces?

Why, woman, why?

Sincerely with silent sobs of sadness,

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I talked about it on Twitter. Oh Twitter, you evil EVIL human invention.

Well, of course, I loved it. What did you expect? )


May. 6th, 2010 09:33 pm
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*smiling like a dork!*
I don't have a Bones gif at the moment, so Veronica will have to suffice!


Apr. 8th, 2010 11:04 pm
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Bones. What the fuck?

Seriously. What the... )
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Seriously, I loved this week's episodes;

The Vampire Diaries )
Bones )
The Office )
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by [ profile] sheckler
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Last week was a mess. I was sick and kind of depressed so I ended up watching everything on the weekend.

So here we go, weekly TV digest October 5th-11th TV )

Haven't watched Brothers & Sisters yet, but I gotta tell you that I'm loving it this season. Such amazing group of people in one show. Katie, you should catch up asap!

Also when will Lady Gaga make a new album? Do it Gaga, I'm already bored with this one!
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I have never been so happy to be back at work! It's now official: I hate pointless vacations. My productivy level was -98439347 and my mood was constantly down and I was almost always restless!

Summary of the boredom )

I watched a hell lot of TV shows though. It was almost inhuman.

TOO MUCH TV. Seriously. )

Tonight Brothers & Sisters and tomorrow new Lie to Me! Excited!

I'm so thankful that I got my old routine back, I miss my desk, my phone, my pens, my 8 Ball, the computer humming in the office, artificial air, bad cafeteria food, everything!
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Yay! Tv talk everyday! :D

Glee 1x03 )

Bones 5x01 )

The Beautiful Life 1x01 )

I think I can watch an episode of Alias before I go to bed, so my brain can return to reality!
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OH.MY.GOD. *with a very thick british accent*

Bones Season Finale )

House Season Finale )


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