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I have absolutely nothing interesting going on in my life, which results in me not updating my journal regularly.

But as Mr. Humphrey Bogart said: we'll always have Paris TV! I'm pretty late on that too, I'll talk about Monday TV...

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I watched Normal Again last night (BTVS Season 6). Oh my, how I adore that episode! SMG makes such a perfect crazy person and Buffy is particularly pretty in that episode. ♥

I also watched Alias. I'm still on Season 4 and I'm kind of bored. I'm trying to reach to the season finale and the only thing I'm worried about is Jack. Other than that, I'm feeling a little disconnected right now.

Aside from the things I watch, let's talk about things I write, or to be more accurate, things I'm planning on writing but never have enough inspiration to begin. I want to write at least 10 different things right now, but I absolutely have no idea how to do that. It mostly feels like an obligation to write lately, so I'm waiting until I feel better about it. Time is the best medicine...

Last but not the least, we've just made dinner plans with my bffs, hopefully the world will not collapse, and we'll make it. *crosses fingers* It was completely spontaneous and unplanned, so I'm guessing everything's going to be okay.

Wow, this Bach song (Violin Partita 1 in B min.) is killing my brain with constant and absolute violin voice *changes* and I like violin.

Glee and all sorts of fun shows (Bones, Cougar Town) tonight (yesterday for you :P), can't wait.
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I was making trailers for my latest original fic. today and came up with this Sarkney video accidentally :D

The story is: They had a relationship in the past and Sark left for some reason. Syd is looking for him, but he refuses to show himself while he is secretly watching her every move and finally...

Song: Brand X Music - Whispers

I never thought my first actual fandom video would be for Alias (accidentally or not.). Enjoy!
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I have a habit of watching 1 or 2 episodes of Alias from my ipod, in bed, and then go to sleep. I did the same thing yesterday and stuff happened...

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I have only one thing to say;

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I do not want to do anything today. It's Friday and all my family members left me alone. I haven't seen my mom for over a week now, my brother is camping with his friends, dad is at work and only comes home on weekends.

Our house is too big for a single person so I freak out everytime I have to stay alone. That's weird because I used to live in an apartment in New Jersey with a barely closed door all by myself (well not all the time, but on weekends when my flatmate was staying at her boyfriend's). It's just, our family house is too big and my bedroom is upstairs, far away from other rooms and since it's too hot at night I leave the windows open and every single sound I hear from various places makes a weird echo in the empty space and FREAKS ME OUT.

*phone rings*

I've just talked to my mom and she's coming back tonight YAY! NO MORE EMPTY HOUSE AND FREAKISHLY SUSPICIOUS SOUNDS!

And do you know what I have for you today? More Alias talk!

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Jack dropped the bomb last night! It was episode 11 - The Confession. And everything before that deserves some love! Here we go...

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Also I went back to my old journal style. I missed Smooth Sailing so much! *is now able to edit her posts with one click!*


Aug. 10th, 2009 09:47 am
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I have to warn you beforehand, these next couple of weeks (or months) I may overdose your flists with my Alias talk, because I started watching it from the beginning yesterday.

I think I watched some eps. from season 2, some from season 4-5 and read/heard a lot of stuff from all around the internet before. Also [ profile] awakencordy used to tell me stories ♥ That's the reason why I know pretty much everything about Alias. Even though I'm spoiled endlessly, it's still amazingly fun to see how all those twisted plot points are forming!

That is why I'm now asking you to choose your favourite episodes. I have strong Alias fans in my flist and you guys can make this viewing experience much better for me!

Full Episode List under the cut. )

You can just name them, or talk in detail, it doesn't matter. I don't care about spoilers at all, I know what happens in the end :) So go for it! It's a lot more fun when I have something to look forward to! (Just like I'm looking forward to seeing Sark in season 2 SOON!)

I watched first 3 episodes from Season 1 last night and I think its Pilot is the best thing that has ever happened on TV. Seriously. I can't wait to see more!


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