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January - archive

- Camelot. LOL Fail.

- My favorite coat and PJs. Can't belive I bought them a year ago! Feels like 2 years! Wore them out like there's no tomorrow. I'll keep wearing them until some piece of them falls apart or get torned or burned or something. I'm currently wearing the PJs. And they both fit me the same, so score? I guess.

- My fitness center membership. TROLOLOL! Look at my plans:
I will go there at least 9 times this month
=)))!!!11!!One!!1 Went there for a total of 3 TIMES and quit without warning. Hate working out. HATE HATE HATE.

- Never Let Me Go & Howl's Moving Castle. AS BOOKS. Never got around to reading them. Never. Watched the movies like 8947594 time though, so yeah...

- SMG news aka Ringer gets picked up by CBS. Exciting times. At this point I'm behind 5 episodes. That's how impressed I am with it.

- TANGLED. Best best best best. I proudly own the DVD (which was part of a massive bday gift. We'll visit that later on the post ♥)

- Work complaints and flu. Usual stuff. I was frequently sick (and sick of work) this year though, wonder how many times it (they) will come up. I'm healthy and content with my job right now though which is progress.

February - archive

- My friend's father's sickness. So much sadness and creepy stuff. Poor man died in about 2 months :( Okay, I was wrong, THAT friend's father got a lot better, but my other good friend's father had the same disease this year and passed away in March. Ugh, so many bad news to choose from.

- Friday Night Lights finale. Such a sad month oh my god.

March - archive

- My new monitor. Love it. One of the best things I bought for myself.

- Zee Avi and my slight obsession with Eisenfield. I still love Zee Avi's songs, but my obsession has died down.

- Dan/Blair. LOL. I'm so over it since GG ruined everything. Finally managed to quit that show before the year ended.

- Fandom Steel Cage Match March Madness. Looking forward to it this year. Always and forever epic. Troy is the man.

- Apparently this was the best video ever. I don't even know guys. Hipsterism at its peak.

- The Middle. Still like it a lot. Not as much as I did back in Feb. though.

- Work work work. Oh man, I was completely right back then. I still remember those epic test results that were needed to be done in 0.5 hours or something. So much stress.

- Captain John Paul Jones! If you know what I'm talking about then you're one of coolest people ever lived and watched TV.

- Glee. Those were the times I was still excited about Glee. Or Santana to be exact.

- The longest interview I've watched on YouTube. I'm a fan.

- DOWNTON ABBEY! One of the best things that has happened this year. Absolutely amazing.

- FRIDAY FRIDAY. FUN FUN FUN FUN. Rebecca Black. This was your year, gurl.

- A Tinhat, An Overachiever and A Kidney Stone. Eisenfield, work rant (how shocking!) and my dearest kidney stone. Ugh, I never want to feel that pain again.

April - archive

-My immortality. Apparently it didn't take me too long to pass the stone. Remember it like a month or sth.
"Today I started taking herbal pills, Gilaburu juice and golden herb tea. I will be pumped with so much antioxidant by the end of next week, I might become immortal in the process. FINGERS CROSSED!"
LOL at myself. Funny me.

- LiveJournal is currently under another DDoS attack. End of days.

- The Good Wife. I LOVED IT when I first started, but I quit at the beginning of the latest season. UST is gone too soon, so am I.

- Writer's Block. It starts. Between the lines, but it's there.


- Mom's and [ profile] awakencordy's bdays. I remember nothing ;_; Don't even know what I bought for them which probably means I didn't buy anything--OH WAIT. I BOUGHT THE COMPLETE SET OF XFILES TO [ profile] awakencordy! Not by myself, but organized the whole thing. Fuckyea.

May - archive

- Haircut. I actually got my haircut in April, but wrote about it in May. I'm not planning on cutting my hair anytime soon. See you in next April when I'll be extremely bored with my long hair.

- Mention of changing my job. DO.NOT.WANT. God knows how I'll feel in 2012.

- Skinny Love. Thanks to The Vampire Diaries, another song that instantly makes me cry added to the library.

- Bones season finale cop out. Which later became a total dealbreaker for me. I'm not watching it anymore.

- [ profile] awakencordy is a lawyer! OFFICIALLY RULING THE COURTS.

- PMS and Happy Endings. My PMS's were really bad this year. I was angry and cranky for a whole week before I can turn into my old self again. And Happy Endings is an awesome show. RELEVANT TOPICS ARE RELEVANT TO EACH OTHER.

- Bruno Mars. Discovered him this year, I regret nothing. Love and know all the songs.

- Attempt to get published. Talked to a publisher and an author. Nothing came out of it.

- Biggest raise of my career. Okay so I got my last raise in May (actually June). There's still hope! I thought it was in 2010!

June - archive

- Pottermore. EL-OH-EL. I played with it for like a week and now I can't even remember my username. Is it still popular?

- Game of Thrones party posts on ONTD. Can't wait to start partying for season 2! So many epic conversations happened there. ONTD is the best and the worst.

- Working until 3 am. That was the worst work experience I had. Never again. Hopefully...

July - archive

- Vacation. I got really tan and swam A LOT. It was a good vacation, but I'd rather have one with my friends this year. [ profile] awakencordy and [ profile] glenien COME THE FUCK ON, GIRLS.

- A Song of Ice and Fire. Got the first 2 books, didn't read them. Fail. I'd rather WATCH things.


- Sorry... for not doing anything about this lame meme attempt.

- HUNGER GAMES. March 23rd, people. IT IS SO CLOSE.

- Amy Winehouse. Holy cow, was it in July!? I thought it was in October or something. RIP :(

- Avatar the Last Airbender: Legend of Korra. CAN.NOT.WAIT.

August - archive

- WHITE COLLAR. Ugh Matt Bomer, you're a life ruiner.

- In Time trailer. I was disappointed as expected. Lame movie was lame.

- SUITS. Such awesomeness.

- Writer's Block. Still having it. Sucks.

- Hobbit. Not the movie. The new guy at work. Hate him.

- [ profile] glenien's bday. Okay, I seriously don't remember this one. OH WAIT--okay, awesome yet very hot weather, dinner at a cool place, a gift card. Yes. Got it. :D I didn't forget my bffs this year, SCORE.

September - archive

- Best month ever? It looks like it started badly. Work rant and some more rant about how I want to change my job. EL-OH-EL. I suck at committing to an idea about my own life.

- TV TV TV TV. Started watching too many shows, ended up quitting most of them. This is the current schedule.

- Tee Fury. This is the only shirt I was able to buy from those tshirt websites. I ordered one from RIPT Apparel and another one form Tee Fury, but they never arrived.

- BIRTHDAY! and my epic collective birthday gift which is my entire DVD collection right now. Also, I am 26, guys. 30 is so close ;__________;

- TVD being awesome and me being fat. Both statements are still true.

- Pan Am. It will forever be one of the most amazing pilot episodes ever.

- Mary/Matthew aka Liferuiner Assholes. That's all I'm gonna say.

- Job interview. First of two I had this year. I rejected both of them. I was really excited for this one though, pity they weren't what I expected them to be. Oh and WORK RANT, GUYS! SO MUCH WORK RANT =)) I am a horrible human being.

October - archive

- Raising Hope. Awesome. ♥ And every year, almost 90% of the events I experienced consist of TV shows. I have no life.

- Russian Unicorn. Happy Monsoon day.

- Van Earthquake. Our people are still miserable and almost all of them are homeless because of it.

- Steve Jobs. :( RIP.

November - archive

- My sickness. I wasn't sick as many times as I thought. Interesting. One time I got the flu, then the kidney stone and then the bowel thing. 2 of those 3 were really painful though.

- WORK RAAANNNNT. It was in a private entry but still, rant is rant. There was a huge downsizing at the company this year, back in September--or was it October? Can't remember now, but it was a very bad year for us. I'm hopeful about 2012, because what other choice I have? I'm doing my work and getting paid. That's all I care about for now.

- Fiberoptic internet. Best decision we've ever made for the whole family tbh.

- Scorchio. My latest novel project. Wrote about 54 pages, then stopped. Writer's Block sucks.

December - archive

- Second job interview. It was the most extensive interview I've had, yet I didn't like the place or the people so I said no. Well, I'll say no on Monday, but it's decided.

- Shopping. I spent too much money this month. Mostly for gifts. WAY TOO MUCH MONEY.

- My college friend's wedding. Such a nice ending to a partly horrible year. So many endings both fandomwise and in real life. Painful stuff, yet this wedding was the highlight ♥



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