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>> Finally found an awesome layout and changed [ profile] thelake! Similiar to my old one, but wider and prettier tbh.

>> Also I started using the navigation strip. It used to be so hideous and useless, and I hid it everytime I'm customizing my layout, but now I really like it!

>> First 2 books of "A Song of Ice and Fire" series have arrived today. I'll skip the 1st one since Game of Thrones season 1 pretty much covered everything and start with the 2nd one right away. I began reading A Clash of Kings in my iphone but mobile solutions are really useless when it comes to such a huge, thick, detailed book. Hopefully I'll finish it by the time 2nd season starts. People are reading the last book and gushing over it, but look at me, a poor soul still trying to get through the 2nd one, LOL! I'm spoiled for the whole series, so no problemo, I'll just read for the details.

>> I am also reading Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" and even though I keep telling everyone how "formulaic" his books are, he never fails to keep me interested. I'm planning on finishing it during the week and start A Clash of Kings as soon as possible.

>> I am bored.

>> Oh and one last thing, Sirens is an awesome TV show, give it a chance. I started watching it only for Richard Madden's flawfree face, but I got hooked. Latest episode was the best of all actually and I'm kinda sad it's only 6 episodes. Ugh British TV, y u no make your seasons longer?
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Is the great LJ downtime over?
Damn, I was so hopeful, but then I checked the status:
LiveJournal is currently under another DDoS attack. We are doing everything we can to mitigate this new attack and adjust traffic so that as many users as possible can access the site.

We thank you for your continued patience.
Status Updated: 4:30 pm GMT (Wednesday, April 6)

I hope at least I can post this...

Feeling a lot better. I haven't had any pain all week. Either I passed the stone earlier or it's still hiding somewhere inside my body which is pretty scary. I'll be having another ultrasound tomorrow and I'll take the day off from work, wohoo! Hopefully the doctor will give me the good news *fingers crossed*

I AM WATCHING THE GOOD WIFE. [ profile] aftersix, I AM ADDICTED! It's so good!
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I was kinda fed up with my previous scrapbook for 2010, but I'm determined to make this one as accurate as possible =))

Scrapbook 2011.

I can't wait to start filling it up! ♥
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- I renewed my paid account and bought extra userpics. It feels good! I planned on not spending any money this month, alas LJ comes first.

- Woke up with a burning stomach tonight. I should cut back on coffee and go back to taking my anti-acid medicine. If this thing turns into an ulcer, I will cut a bitch.

- Feeling a lot better than yesterday. It was a total emotional burst. Don't know what the day will bring since it's still pretty early right now, but hopefully nothing dramatic or depressive.

- I hate how Squirrel Mail can NOT handle special characters. I use it as my webmail and even though it's the fastest, it's also the crappiest if you write/read in any language other than English. Stupid.

- This was sufficiently random, I'll see you later guys!
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Instead of going around looking for a ready-to-use layout, I tweaked my css a little bit, and loved the result! ♥

Check it, [ profile] thelake

I'll share the css as well, go ahead use however you want. A plus account preview can be found at [ profile] delialona, it's Flexible Squares.

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I've seen this from both [ profile] katayla and [ profile] torigates and wanted to share: TUMBLR PLEDGE

The short story is; most of my LJ people, including me, are now spending more time on Tumblr instead of LJ and it makes us sad. Tumblr is practical and requires less effort to follow/contribute, but it doesn't have the human touch like LJ. Followers don't necessarily mean "friends" and I agree. Although I have couple of people I really love on Tumblr, I have very little "friends" on there. And most of those loved ones are already my friends on LJ, so no point to Tumblr on that base, really :))

Yes, I am pledging to spend more time on LJ from now on. Maybe even update everyday! Tumblr is still a lot fun and visually attractive, but LJ is my diary.

ON A COMPLETELY UNRELATED NOTE; I'm really excited about this week's How I Met Your Mother! I've heard so many good things about it (non-spoilery of course) and I can't wait to see it.

I'm still studying for my certificate exam. It's tomorrow at 2pm, I still have time to completely memorize 157 questions answers. Questions will be identical so I'm focusing on the right answer and relying on my adequate photographic memory. 90 questions and I need to do 75% to pass. I can do it. I hope...
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Let's see who commented most in my LJ

Drumrolls please... )


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