May. 20th, 2010

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It's official, I have a HUGE crush on Bridget Regan. After years and years of no flailing I end up loving this woman and now her show is cancelled? It's just not fair.

Here's an interview of her from Attack of the Show. I got the video from [ profile] this_years_girl's I MET BRIDGET REGAN! post which is full of awesomeness!

She is really amazing, guys. Watch the video and see for yourselves! But beware, there are clips from this week's finale in the beginning of the video, but none of them are too spoilery if you've seen the trailer last week.

Bridget talks about "Gay For Kahlan" fanfiction, Camp Wanatachi, is Seeker going to be saved? (apparently not. woe is me.) and lots of crazy fun stuff with the host. She is absolutely amazing AND OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD PRETTY!

Video just down this line, but it takes a bit to load the content, so be patient! It's worth it ♥

And for all my friends who started watching Legend of the Seeker and kind of bored with the first few episodes: IT IS GOING TO GET A LOT BETTER! HANG ON! Please?
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Okay everyone, listen. Do you like sitcoms? Do you like ensemble shows? Do you like distinct and well developed characters? Do you like shows based on family/friends? Do you like comedy? Do you like smart comedy?

If you said "yes!" to at least one of those questions I DARE YOU TO WATCH COUGAR TOWN!

I just watched the season finale and it was the best 20 minutes of TV I've seen this week! ♥

Bobby! )


I feel like I'm shoving all kinds of random TV shows down your throat, but in the end you'll love 'em.

That sounded dirty.

I'm going.
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I'm watching promos and sneak peeks for the finale.

This one is epic ♥ I still tear up at the scene where Sun is on the beach...

I looked into the eye of this island and what I saw was beautiful... )
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Haters to the left, Matthew Fox (AND JACK) is da man.

Click for the whole interview and more


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