May. 13th, 2010

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- I should begin this entry with the most important TV event, LOST.
Lost was pretty open and simple, I don't know why people didn't like this episode... )

- I enjoyed Glee very much, as usual. The boy is mine... )

- I'm going to see Mika on 29th with a big group of friends! (especially with [ profile] glenien and [ profile] awakencordy!) They delivered my ticket today. I love online shopping so much, it's insane.

- Okay guys, now listen to me. Are you looking for new shows to watch this summer? I know you do. So just go ahead watch these three:
1. Legend of the Seeker: Because it's amazing, fun, sexy and the NZ scenery is to die for.
2. Cougar Town: IT.IS.NOT.ABOUT.A.COUGAR. It's one of those heartwarming and extremely funny ensemble shows, plus it's created by Bill Lawrance (Scrubs).
3. Lie to Me: It's smart. It's interesting. It's procedural, yet not so much formulaic as other procedural shows. Cast is amazing, chemistry is just the right amount!

I, myself, will start watching Burn Notice and White Collar this summer. I'm hoping to be swept away by both!

- I love my new header: Kahlan being bad ass with her hair and awesome dress flowing around ♥

- I'm addicted to Tumblr.

- I think I'm losing weight, but not sure.

- It's too hot in here, I'm having a hard time breathing properly wtf. Turn on the AC!


May. 13th, 2010 02:10 pm
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I'm reading LOST reviews on AV Club and this comment summarizes my feelings about the show 100%! It's not particularly spoilerish, but related to the latest episode "Across the Sea"
Cut, because it's a sin to give spoilers about LOST. Yeah. )
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I talked about it on Twitter. Oh Twitter, you evil EVIL human invention.

Well, of course, I loved it. What did you expect? )
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I'm interrupting your friends list surf with a very important announcement.

My announcement is... CARA.

You may continue your daily routine now, thank you.


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