Apr. 30th, 2010

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- Okay, lately all my posts included either Save Our Seeker campaign or movie trailers. I should break the cycle. But before I do that, can you please do this for me flist? Even if you don't watch the show, join this twitter trending campaign tomorrow, will you?
As a part of the Save Our Seeker campaign, fans are planning on trending #SaveOurSeeker at 8am ET and #LegendoftheSeeker at 12pm ET on Twitter on Saturday, May 1st. If you have a Twitter account, please help Legend of the Seeker fans raise awareness of our campaign to save our favorite show.

The timing of the Tweets are very crucial, so if you can not be on the site at the designated time you could always use the site Twaitter to perfectly time the Tweet. Also the Tweets must be not be considered spam by Twitter to be counted, so that means you can only say #LegendoftheSeeker or #SaveourSeeker in a full sentence tweet, and only once per tweet. For more guidelines on making the Tweets count, and for full details on the Trending campaign you can visit the SaveTheSeeker site.

Source: http://community.livejournal.com/legendofseeker/553553.html

Thank you! ♥

Let's move on...

- I bought one of those awesome banker lamps the day before and they're delivering it today, I'm so excited! Here is my baby: http://i43.tinypic.com/20zzdog.jpg (well, almost.) Whenever I attempted to buy one, it was either the wrong model or too expensive.

- I'm still reading my beloved Harry Potter books. I finished Chamber of Secrets on Monday and it was the most boring of them all. Maybe it's becuse I kind of remembered everything from the movie or most likely because Lockhart is my least favourite DaDa teacher.
However, I started Prisoner of Azkaban on Tuesday and it's my absolute favourite! It's gonna be so much fun! After this one, brick-thick volumes start, hah!

- Today is Friday and I have to decide what to write on the weekend. I have two ongoing novels in my hands. One's a re-write and the other one's a first draft. I really want to re-rewrite the first one. We'll see. I should be fair to both of them and most importantly finish them both. *crosses fingers*

- Everyone should watch Cougar Town. I strongly believe that it's the best comedy show of the year! Forget about the horrible name and just watch it for characters! It's delightful!
My brief thoughts on this weeks episode... )

- 10 Things I Hate about You is cancelled. I'm so sorry for the fans. I know how it feels. *sigh*

- My face itches. I really want to stop using make up, but it's impossible to look good without it. Unless I'm on the beach or by the pool of course. Sunshine is my natural make up. SUMMER, PLEASE COME QUICKLY! I'm still wearing sweaters, it's annoying.

- LJ's new header is pretty. I didn't vote for this one, but still, pretty ♥


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