Feb. 16th, 2010

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I've been quickly catching up with Legend of the Seeker these past 2 weeks! I was already in the loop with the general plot and characters thanks to [livejournal.com profile] awakencordy's little snippets from several episodes, but after hearing so many good things about season 2, I had to see it for myself from the beginning.

I don't have anything spoilerly so I won't cut (much), all I wanted to say was;

- Richard (hence Craig Horner) is the hottest medieval (and dare I say male) character on TV at the moment, no arguments there. I drool everytime I see a part of his body, seriously. It's like a celebration for my womanhood or something, sizzling hot. *end of shallow comment*
- Kahlan! ♥ Guh, so much prettyness. A little spoiler at this point. )
- Holy shit so much chemistry between Kahlan and Richard! You can cut it with the sword of truth! I love it. (And admittedly, that is probably the only reason I became this obnoxious shipper person who watched half of season 1 by skipping plot of the week parts and watched only Kahlan/Richard stuff. Although season finale was awesome!)Spoiler very much thanks. )
- Darken Rahl can own my soul anytime, thanks. The most attractive evil award goes to him, hands down.
- Zedd! ♥ I never thought I would love that skinny, tall, white man this much, but I do! I really do! Another awesome character moment spoiler )
- CARA! CARAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I think I'm a little bit gay for her. Yes.
- BUT NO ONE CAN REPLACE DENNA'S LOVE! I'm 200% gay for her, that is a fact.
- And the rest is pure spoiler. )

So yes, I'm watching it. I spent 4 hours last night skipping half of season 1 so I can watch the finale and come to season 2 already. I did it. I'll continue with the rest of season 2 starting from tonight. I thought about watching it at work like I did with Lost, but it's impossible for me to hold back my fangirly squees and it's just a sin to skip nekkid Richard parts so my co-workers wouldn't be like "omg what the hell!?". So yes, I'll continue with the adventure at home.


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