Dec. 27th, 2011 07:33 pm
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I have absolutely no idea what I've done for myself in past couple of weeks. Remember going to my friend's wedding, but nothing after it. Work was (surprisingly) busy. Just finished my 2-day training on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. It was boring, but allowed me to come home early and have a speedy recovery from my regular Monday syndrome. (Downton Abbey helped a lot with that as well!)

Wanted to update about a lot of things but nothing interesting is happening. Sometimes I think I have this paid account for nothing. LOL.

I should update my scrapbook and get ready for the "end of year review" post I'll do on Friday! (or Saturday.) Last year's was so much fun!

Started watching Hawaii Five-0. It's delightful! ♥ I love Danny and adore the Danny/Steve dynamic. Also Grace Park, you have the most beautiful smile and Kono is badass. I'm still towards the end of Season 1 so no spoilers please.

I haven't written a single word for 3 weeks (maybe more, not sure), it's bad. I thought I was done with my writer's block. I guess it's not that easy.

Also, I'm reading all of your entries, but too lazy to comment on all, sorry if you think I'm one of your invisible friends, I am not, I promise! I just don't know what to say most of the time. *hugs you all*

People keep asking me what I'm doing for new year's eve and my answer is "nothing, hanging with the family" as usual. It's not like I want to go out and spend it with a bunch of strangers in a stuffed club, but it feels weird after sometime to tell people I have NO PLANS for ANY SPECIAL DAY EVER.

Meeeh, whatever.

Oh and merry belated Christmas to all! I'm more active on Twitter so I usually forget to celebrate special days on here. Oh LJ, why can't I use you more frequently? Why? I think it's the downtime issue. Hopefully it won't happen again anytime soon. I love LJ and I really don't want to leave here even though I'm barely around as it is.
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So I met a publisher and a sci-fi author yesterday. I've been in contact with some people for a while now, but yesterday I met them. I've sent the manuscript for one of my novels to the publisher and he refered me to his friend, the sci-fi author. The novel I'm talking about is here. Click if you're interested, but it's all in Turkish, so yeah... I think this one is the most well received piece of writing I have ever done and I'm proud of it.

First and foremost, nobody's publishing my book YET, but it was a very informative and enjoyable meeting. )

Have you ever made an attempt to get published? I know there are a lot of writers in my friends list. We're all from different countries, but whatever, share! :D
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I finally gave in to [ profile] katayla's rather strong and persistent suggestions and joined [ profile] getyourwordsout.

It's a place where you pledge to write certain number of words throughout the year. It's interactive, so you have to let them know your word count every month. It's not a contest, but it's surely a good way of keeping yourself in track.

I for one, love tracking my word count and writing towards a word count goal, so yeah, that's pretty awesome for me. BUT, I kinda chickened out and pledged for 150K only :P You have 150, 200, 250, 300 and 350K (which is "insane").

Just a friendly promotion :D Go pledge, then request to join and write! May 2011 bring you lots of awesome ideas and a ton of words to write ♥

[ profile] getyourwordsout
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I've done absolutely NOTHING related to work today. Wrote a fic for [ profile] awakencordy, Harry/Draco, and spent my whole morning working on that while people were discussing more important matters right next to me. Yeah people, you work and I write slash! THAT'S LIFE!

This week is slowly becoming one of the best I've had this year. Yesterday, although it was a Monday, was AMAZING. I was productive, happy, grateful for my job, friends, family, etc. Today is no different. Weather is nice and warm (apparently Winter forgot about us this year) and I wrote slash at work. What more can I possibly ask for at this point? Nothing, I know!

We're doing an inner circle not-so-secret-santa for this year. Mainly with [ profile] glenien and [ profile] awakencordy. The fic I wrote was especially for that, [ profile] leymsanta is where we keep our fangirly wish lists and corresponding gifts. If we can actually manage to provide everything we promised each other, this Christmas + New Year's will be the BEST.

Cherry on top: I saw the cutest cat today. She was in front of a market and I petted her, then she just laid on her back and wanted to be petted more, but I had to leave D: Such tragedy. I wanted to take her home. We also have a black kitten in our company's front yard, he's such a player! Running around playing with people who are out for a smoke, eating quality cat food every morning, sleeping at the most comfortable spots in the garden, etc. LUCKY STRAY CAT IS LUCKY.

I have no intention of doing anything remotely work related, just going to hang out and go home. Awesome! You know, unless someone asks me to do something. I may have to do something then... Where is my boss? *looks around* Yup, there he is.
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45798 / 50000 words. 92% done! 100% done.

I can't write anymore. The very last sentece I wrote was just the perfect ending at a perfect time ♥ Also, I won't be attempting to do any more NaNo after this one. It just doesn't make sense and after 3 years of not winning, I don't want to do it anymore :))) It's not for me.


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45292 / 50000 words. 91% done!

It feels like I've written another novel, but it was only 2000 words! How is that fair? My story is already concluded in itself, but I'm only powering through just to make it 50K and keep my promise to myself. I will do it even if it ends me! I.WILL.DO.IT.

Yes, I'm crazy. It's just, I need to sleep, you know...

Maybe one more chapter... Come on, I can do it, COME.ON.

NaNo stats

Nov. 13th, 2010 11:42 pm
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43337 / 50000 words. 87% done!

Gonna finish this tomorrow. I'm determined. Good night, people!
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Another year, another November and another NaNoWriMo! Are you participating?

I'm going in with my current novel. Just updated my word count and it's obvious I'm cheating =)) 32K in one night is just not realistic at all.

My Profile

Good luck to everyone who's participating this year. Let us be all winners! :D
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Hai! It's Friday! And this weekend is my birthday weekend! Awesome times ahead! ♥

I'm not planning on doing anything special for the occasion since it's on Sunday and I hate doing stuff on Sunday, but I'm going out with couple of friends tomorrow. We'll just chill and eat sweets and hang out ~~ Good times...

I can't wait for this day to be over so I can go home, take a shower, watch Vampire Diaries (and Nikita) THEN I SHALL WRITE! I won't be able write as much as I want this weekend, I feel it. On top of it, next weekend there's a wedding and our house will be full of guests. No writing at that time either. So tonight's the night. I should at least finish 2 chapters to cover for next weekend's "planned unproductiveness".

Lately, when I look around all I can see is enagaged people. Wtf. I'm kind of depressed. I'm single and probably will be single in the near future and most of my friends -- even the ones who said they'd never get married -- are getting serious with their boyfriend/girlfriends. Meeting with parents, enagement rings, promise rings, etc. etc. And my long-time-single cousin is getting married next weekend. What the F, big time!

The thing I'm dreading the most about that wedding is this question: "So Dilek, when are we going to see your boyfriend?" Urgh, I hate it. I don't have a boyfriend and honestly if there's a store where you can buy one, just gimme the address and I'll gladly pay for it. Yeah, I admit, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO MEET THIS ONE PERSON I'LL SPEND MY ENTIRE LIFE WITH. Can't he just come by my house and knock the door? I promise I'll fall in love in first sight! I can do that! I just need him to find me. Pathetic. I know.

Yeah whatever. This post wasn't intended to be about my woes of being single. I shall put an end to this and go back to work.

11:11 *makes a wish*

7 more work hours to go...
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I love my new layout. It's absolutely unreadble at times, but do I care? Not a bit. It looks so dreamy and fluffy ♥

I'll be out today to send [ profile] glenien's external hard drive to a data recovery center. I feel her pain, really. I remember when I dropped mine and lost everything. And I didn't even bother to send it to a recovery place. (Just cried.) (Expensive shit is expensive.)

Ramadan holiday is coming! Tomorrow afternoon we go home and spend the next 4 and a half days relaxing. Oh yes. Well, we have to go to the other side of the city to vote for the referandum on constitutional changes (which is something extremely important in Turkey nowadays), but it's on Sunday so I don't care. I don't like Sundays anyway.

I'm listening to Whisperings Solo Piano radio on iTunes. Also I'm planning on reading more from The Book Thief today. It's pretty awesome.

Oh and I finished one of my stories last weekend! I feel so good about it and now I can start writing the next one! I have so many incomplete stories I need to finish... *sigh*
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- It's raining outside and I'm listening to one of the most amazing songs of all time. I love today.

- Today's also my parents' 26th wedding anniversary ♥

- I've written 2 chapters yesterday and I think I want to finish my current story and move onto the next one. Exciting! I didn't know I was this close to the ending!

- That's all I gotta say. ♥
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It's been really long since I've made a decent update, so I will categorize the stuff on my mind and let you all know how my life is going. I know you're interested (even though it's not going to be as exciting as I'm hoping it would be).

Let's go;


My life lately consists of only 2 things: Heat and work. )


I've written 2 chapters worth of stuff 2 weeks ago >=/
I want to write more. I want to finish my current story and move on to the next one until I have nothing waiting in the queue of my mind. It's almost impossible, but I have hope. One day I'm going to look at my writing folder and see only one word document that is incomplete. ONE DAY IT'LL HAPPEN GUYS, I KNOW IT!


My family literally abandoned me this weekend.I hate staying alone in the house. )


Aside from my regular summer shows (True Blood, Drop Dead Diva and WEEDS!!) I tried watching Covert Affairs. It didn't click with me. I really like both leading actors, but it feels so artificial to me, so I gave up after 4 and a half episodes. I think I'm still stuck at the Alias phase.


I'm still reading Harry Potter. Yeah, I know. BUT THOSE BOOKS ARE HUGE! I've recently finished The Goblet of Fire and I still couldn't pass the first few chapters of The Order of the Phoenix. It's going to take me a lot longer to go through that one big ass novel. I feel like sitting down and reading a book is a waste of time compared to writing one, but since I CAN'T DO THAT EITHER it makes me sad. And mad. I'm smad.


I don't want to go out because it's too hot. Therefore I don't call anyone and nobody calls me either.


I'm constantly in a "meh" mood. I want to feel better. As soon as the weather gets better--AND BY "BETTER" I MEAN "COLDER"--I'll be fine, but that particular period of time seems so far away at this point. I'm annoyed.

Yup, this is it. My mind feels a lot organized at the moment, thanks for listening.
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- I'll see Inception tonight, with [ profile] glenien. Finally. I'm suprised I was even able to find tickets for its first day, but I did. Awesomesauce. And yeah, it came here a week later >=/ I really don't understand why Twilight movies come on the same day, but for ACTUALLY good movies, we have to wait more. Whatever, I'm expecting my mind to be blown tonight or I'll blame you guys. Be ready.

- I finished Avatar's 2nd season last night. Spoilers ) I'm at the beginning of S3. First few episodes are always boring.

- After a short break I started listening to E.S. Posthumus' Cartographer album again. It's absolutely amazing ♥

- I really want to write this weekend, but I also want to spend it by the pool. Dilemma. They say it's going to be extremely hot this weekend. I don't know. Maybe I can spend some time by the pool, then come back, have a nap and write all night! Sounds like a good plan.

- I have tons of stuff to do at work, but I really don't feel like it :( Too complicated for my weekend brain. Can it be 6pm already?

- The new tag thing started working properly at last. It's pretty good.
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Thanks to [ profile] chicaintcheap I saw this video where one of my favourite Turkish writers, Elif Şafak (Shafak) gave the most inspiring talk about writing and going beyond borders and cultures with stories.

It's a ~20 minute long speech, but I guarantee that you will want more when it ends. Please watch, especially if you write.

You can go ahead and download the video from the main page as well:

Some of my thoughts... )
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- Okay, lately all my posts included either Save Our Seeker campaign or movie trailers. I should break the cycle. But before I do that, can you please do this for me flist? Even if you don't watch the show, join this twitter trending campaign tomorrow, will you?
As a part of the Save Our Seeker campaign, fans are planning on trending #SaveOurSeeker at 8am ET and #LegendoftheSeeker at 12pm ET on Twitter on Saturday, May 1st. If you have a Twitter account, please help Legend of the Seeker fans raise awareness of our campaign to save our favorite show.

The timing of the Tweets are very crucial, so if you can not be on the site at the designated time you could always use the site Twaitter to perfectly time the Tweet. Also the Tweets must be not be considered spam by Twitter to be counted, so that means you can only say #LegendoftheSeeker or #SaveourSeeker in a full sentence tweet, and only once per tweet. For more guidelines on making the Tweets count, and for full details on the Trending campaign you can visit the SaveTheSeeker site.


Thank you! ♥

Let's move on...

- I bought one of those awesome banker lamps the day before and they're delivering it today, I'm so excited! Here is my baby: (well, almost.) Whenever I attempted to buy one, it was either the wrong model or too expensive.

- I'm still reading my beloved Harry Potter books. I finished Chamber of Secrets on Monday and it was the most boring of them all. Maybe it's becuse I kind of remembered everything from the movie or most likely because Lockhart is my least favourite DaDa teacher.
However, I started Prisoner of Azkaban on Tuesday and it's my absolute favourite! It's gonna be so much fun! After this one, brick-thick volumes start, hah!

- Today is Friday and I have to decide what to write on the weekend. I have two ongoing novels in my hands. One's a re-write and the other one's a first draft. I really want to re-rewrite the first one. We'll see. I should be fair to both of them and most importantly finish them both. *crosses fingers*

- Everyone should watch Cougar Town. I strongly believe that it's the best comedy show of the year! Forget about the horrible name and just watch it for characters! It's delightful!
My brief thoughts on this weeks episode... )

- 10 Things I Hate about You is cancelled. I'm so sorry for the fans. I know how it feels. *sigh*

- My face itches. I really want to stop using make up, but it's impossible to look good without it. Unless I'm on the beach or by the pool of course. Sunshine is my natural make up. SUMMER, PLEASE COME QUICKLY! I'm still wearing sweaters, it's annoying.

- LJ's new header is pretty. I didn't vote for this one, but still, pretty ♥
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I'm reading On Writing by Stephen King and I want to share what he thinks about "plot", because it's very close to my ideas.

Plot is, I think, the good writer’s last resort and the dullard’s first choice. The story which results from it is apt to feel artificial and labored.

The rest... )
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I don't know if you remember my mild obsession with Multiple Personality Disorder, but it's back with full force. I'm writing about it (at least attempting to) so I'm watching/reading/listening about it a lot.

My next stop is United States of Tara. I meant to watch this last year, when it first started and was reminded during Emmys, but now is the perfect time.

Not so spoilery talk about the show. )

All in all, human mind is full of mysteries and although MPD is a pretty serious and sad disorder I can't help but be amazed.

Nice tip!

Feb. 24th, 2010 01:43 pm
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Use Notepad as a Diary:

1. Open a blank Notepad file

2. Write .LOG as the first line of the file, followed by a enter. Save the file and close it.

3. Double-click the file to open it and notice that Notepad appends the current date and time to the end of the file and places the cursor on the line after.

4. Type your notes and then save and close the file.

5. Each time you open the file, Notepad repeats the process.
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Today is not my day. It started bad and going on pretty bad in general.

Oh luck, where are you today? )


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