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Feeling much better than yesterday, but stayed home just in case... Ate bland pasta with yogurt for lunch, now drinking sage tea with a slice of lemon and contemplating on taking my medicine. Dad says I should, so I probably will, but now I'm slightly paranoid about what I'm eating/drinking.

For those who missed yesterday's entry or just viewing my public ones: I have a slight problem with my excretory system this week.

It is--well, was raining and it was amazing. Had some fresh air in the balcony and have a nice chat with my goldfish.

Yes, I chat with my goldfish, sue me.

Also I'm watching my tv shows like I have no care in the world which is awesome, plus they finally installed the fiberoptic cables so we can select a high-speed internet package whenever we want! Hoooray! We're definitely getting a 50mbps unlimited package! Only 109 liras a month which is a bargain regarding our current situation. (2 mbps for 69 liras)

I'll go back to my TV/nap combo and cherish this day with the least number of visits to the loo. Woohoo!

Yes I'm still watching Sabrina.
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I'm feeling a lot better. Thanks for all your good wishes on my last "kidney stone nightmare" entry. Still not sure if I actually passed the stone, but I have very little to no pain at all. Trying to be optimistic, but I can never know when the next hideous pain attack will happen. Either I learned to live with it or the stone is disolved and trying to find its way out without giving too much pain.

Of course whenever modern medicine falls short on giving answers, we turn our faces to herbs and vegetables. Today I started taking herbal pills, Gilaburu juice and golden herb tea. I will be pumped with so much antioxidant by the end of next week, I might become immortal in the process. FINGERS CROSSED!

Also, I'm trying to drink a lot of water, but despite my best efforts, I can't drink more than 2 liters (which is approximately half a gallon) without wanting puke my soul out. FAIL. I might stop drinking water altogether after I get over this tiny stone incident. My mom hates drinking water and I could never understand her feelings towards the tastless, colorless life substance, but now I know. I know mother, I know how awful it is. I will never ever tease you about it ever again!

On a completely different note: how many of you think Firefox 4 sucks meatballs? Because I do. I would rollback to 3-point-whatever if I wasn't so lazy.

In other news;
- I finished 3 seasons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in 3 days which was awesome when I wasn't jumping up and down in pain. I remembered how much I missed that universe ♥
- Started watching The Good Wife. Done with 2 episodes for now and I liked it! :D

That's pretty much it. I have a nagging little ache on the left side of my back at the moment, but I'm ignoring it.

Also, I've been away from work for 3 days and it was awesome... when I wasn't jumping up and down in pain. Although it wasn't the vacation I dreamt about, it is still okay. I'm going back to my usual workload on Monday and hoping not to have any terrible kidney pain attack during the day. My worst nightmare is finding myself jumping up and down in pain in front of everyone. I simply cannot do it.

Yup, that's it.
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Hey guys, i am passing a kidney stone at the moment and open to all good suggestions on how to pass it quickly. I am drinking lots of water until i puke.

My work rant from the day before means nothing right now. I'd rather work 38297 hours instead of going through the pain i'm in most of the day. God has a way of sending certain life messages i guess...

But please, please don't tell me how painful it will get once i am actually close to passing the stone, because if one more person tells me i'm still at the beginning and the pain i have right now is nothing compared to what's to come, i will cut a bitch.

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- Well, almost sick, but definitely tired. I couldn't get enough sleep last night. I was watching Brothers & Sisters, then I fell asleep at an uncertain time and woke up at 2 am. Too lazy to shut down my laptop, I tried to fall back to sleep while a random episode was playing in the background. Then I got really interested in the episode (which was the very last one of the previous season) so I watched it, then I watched the episode before that. Those are happening between 2:30 and 4:00 by the way... And finally at 4:30 I randomly fell asleep again and woke up at 7:00 to the sound of my alarm clock. At that point Brothers & Sisters were still playing in the background.

Basically I'm trying to live and breathe on coffee at the moment. Although it messes up my stomach, I'm afraid I'll need to drink more than one cup today. Or 15.

Oh and having my period is the cherry on top. I feel ~awesome~, how delightful.

- I was planning on having lunch with [ profile] awakencordy today, but I can't. Work work work. But on the other hand, I'm meeting with [ profile] glenien after work, which sounds pretty good right now, but I don't know what the day will bring. Hoping to have at least a bit of brain power and physical ability to sit up and communicate with a human.

- Have I mentioned I'm absolutely, 100% broke this month? I really don't know how that happened, but I'm left with a total of 20 bucks (10 in my wallet, 10 in the account). Thank god for credit cards, but I'm still a bit puzzled about the current situation. I think that's what happens when your parents aren't around to do the grocery shopping and paying the cleaning lady. When have I become this lazy? I used to be so good at housework and shopping when I was living alone. I got used to living with my parents pretty badly I guess... Whatever, they're coming back this Saturday, so hooray lazy living!

- Planning on skipping work on Monday. It's a half day and absolutely nothing gets done on those days. I'll just let my bosses know in advance, hopefully they'll be okay with it. I don't have any active projects at the moment, so I honestly don't care about the rest. Not my problem. Eta: Yay I officially got Monday off. 9 days of blissful holiday ahead. *knocks on wood*
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I love this show.

No Elena, I will not go to your bedroom with you. )

I'm out of things to say. The painkiller/antibiotic thing got me a little light headed, but it did very little for my sore throat. I think I'm just gonna go to bed, or you know, read, or watch a movie. God, I hate it when I have to go somewhere on Saturdays. This time it's that stinking training. Who on Earth did fucking plan to make the last day of training a Saturday? Stupid HR. Stupid.

Next week it's 3 day weekend, hooray! Unless of course we go to Ankara to visit my grandma, if that happens, you know... 3 days wasted mostly on the road and sitting and listening to several members from my extended family's random problems. Not that I don't love them, but... do not want. And mom kind of agrees with us, so *crosses fingers* I need that 3 day weekend all for myself (just like every other holiday of the year.)

Random fact: How can Kim Kardashian keep that huge butt of hers so firm? If my butt was that big, I would be dragging it on the floor. Some people have such awesome genes (and money/courage for plastic surgery.)
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- When will my sore throat heal? It's painful, I want to cry :'(

- Tumblr: - As of now: %50 Harry Potter, %50 Legend of the Seeker.
Twitter: - Please let me know if you add me there, it's too hard for me to recognize you if your twitter username is different from your LJ one.

- Current obsessions: Legend of the Seeker, Harry Potter, everything related to fantastic/fairy tales.

- I still haven't watched Lost. I keep postponing it and probably it's one of those very good episodes. Idk.

- BBC's Planet Earth soundtrack (by George Fenton) = heavenly.

- So is Lord of the Rings soundtrack as you all know.

- I want to watch LOTR trilogy, but first I shall finish my Harry Potter books + movies. I'm halfway through Chamber of Secrets.

- God, my throat hurts so fucking much, I hate it. My one and only doctor who happens to be my dad tells me it's some kind of a flu and I don't like it at all. IT HURRRRRTTSSSS :((((((((((

- I'll go read some and go to bed. I can't take anymore painkillers today, woe. Already got two (morning and after dinner). Woe is me.

Sick day

Jan. 29th, 2010 05:41 pm
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For the first time in almost 2 years I had to leave work because I was feeling too sick to stay. I think I got some kind of a stomach flu, don't know. Waiting for father to come home and diagnose. Doctor father comes in handy at these times ♥

I had a perfect 2 hour nap this afternoon and now I strongly believe that a good sleep can cure almost anything, I'm feeling a lot better.

I'm sure people at work were quiet shocked when I suddenly got up and left, because I'm pretty good at hiding my discomfort. It was pretty useful when I was in college and we were drinking, because whenever I felt sick I could just go to the bathroom, take care of my sickness and come back even better than I left. But this time it wasn't better, my hands were shaking and I felt dizzy so I said "hell with it, I don't even have work to do." so I got up and left (after letting my bosses know, of course.)

I love my workplace and how sincere everyone is, mostly because we don't have to file a vacation form whenever we are sick, or have to go to the doctor's in the afternoon, it's all in the family, therefore no stress. (And then again since I'm a computer engineer it helps that I'm always available on phone and can remote connect to the work and do stuff.)

I'm hungry, which is a good sign that I'm better. I want something warm, but not too spicy/smelly/aromatic. My only wish is that I don't get a headache and feel 100% better tomorrow. I don't want to ruin my weekend.
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How do you know when you are sick?

1. If you sleep extremely early, but can never get enough sleep for 2 days.
2. If you suddenly wake up with a killer headache at 3 am in the morning and cry about it because you're not supposed to take any painkillers since your medical diet doesn't allow you anymore (but I took them anyways, screw the damn diet).
3. If every inch of your body aches and you walk around like you're in a bag with all the air vacuumed out.
4. If your eyes are burning with no reason at all.
5. If you constantly want to sleep.
6. If you are fearfully waiting to have a headache again and the morbid expectation makes you even sicker.

Yeah, I am sick because for the first time in about 8+ months I used public transportation to go to the hospital and people kept sneezing and coughing to my face. Fuck them. I hate humanity. I hate hospitals. I hate headaches.

I somehow think this is the outcome of the "official bff curse" since just yesterday we planned to meet this week with my bffs. After our first plan (which was the vacation) [ profile] glenien's grandpa got sick, after our second plan [ profile] awakencordy got sick and finally after our third and final plan (in which everybody was miraculously okay with the location and day) I am sick. Yes universe, you won. I shall never ever make any plans with my loved ones ever again! Screw you universe.


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