Dec. 27th, 2011 07:33 pm
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I have absolutely no idea what I've done for myself in past couple of weeks. Remember going to my friend's wedding, but nothing after it. Work was (surprisingly) busy. Just finished my 2-day training on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. It was boring, but allowed me to come home early and have a speedy recovery from my regular Monday syndrome. (Downton Abbey helped a lot with that as well!)

Wanted to update about a lot of things but nothing interesting is happening. Sometimes I think I have this paid account for nothing. LOL.

I should update my scrapbook and get ready for the "end of year review" post I'll do on Friday! (or Saturday.) Last year's was so much fun!

Started watching Hawaii Five-0. It's delightful! ♥ I love Danny and adore the Danny/Steve dynamic. Also Grace Park, you have the most beautiful smile and Kono is badass. I'm still towards the end of Season 1 so no spoilers please.

I haven't written a single word for 3 weeks (maybe more, not sure), it's bad. I thought I was done with my writer's block. I guess it's not that easy.

Also, I'm reading all of your entries, but too lazy to comment on all, sorry if you think I'm one of your invisible friends, I am not, I promise! I just don't know what to say most of the time. *hugs you all*

People keep asking me what I'm doing for new year's eve and my answer is "nothing, hanging with the family" as usual. It's not like I want to go out and spend it with a bunch of strangers in a stuffed club, but it feels weird after sometime to tell people I have NO PLANS for ANY SPECIAL DAY EVER.

Meeeh, whatever.

Oh and merry belated Christmas to all! I'm more active on Twitter so I usually forget to celebrate special days on here. Oh LJ, why can't I use you more frequently? Why? I think it's the downtime issue. Hopefully it won't happen again anytime soon. I love LJ and I really don't want to leave here even though I'm barely around as it is.
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Feeling much better than yesterday, but stayed home just in case... Ate bland pasta with yogurt for lunch, now drinking sage tea with a slice of lemon and contemplating on taking my medicine. Dad says I should, so I probably will, but now I'm slightly paranoid about what I'm eating/drinking.

For those who missed yesterday's entry or just viewing my public ones: I have a slight problem with my excretory system this week.

It is--well, was raining and it was amazing. Had some fresh air in the balcony and have a nice chat with my goldfish.

Yes, I chat with my goldfish, sue me.

Also I'm watching my tv shows like I have no care in the world which is awesome, plus they finally installed the fiberoptic cables so we can select a high-speed internet package whenever we want! Hoooray! We're definitely getting a 50mbps unlimited package! Only 109 liras a month which is a bargain regarding our current situation. (2 mbps for 69 liras)

I'll go back to my TV/nap combo and cherish this day with the least number of visits to the loo. Woohoo!

Yes I'm still watching Sabrina.
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Here is a quick update:

- Downton Abbey owns my soul.
- How I Met Your Mother's return brought me much joy and excitement.
- The Playboy Club is immensely stupid.
- I seriously felt my blood boil at the office today. It was intense and unpleasant.
- People are really lucky that I didn't get up and just murder someone.
- I had an annoying headache all day and my boiling blood didn't help at all.
- I now know how it feels to unreasonably hate someone and I don't like it one bit.
- It's not even a love-hate situation. It's pure hate.
- I'll go to the hospital with mom tomorrow, just to accompany her. Nothing serious, it's just she doesn't want to go to the doctor alone anymore, I think she's getting older.
- But if there's something more serious that she's not telling me, then I probably won't think twice before cutting a bitch.
- Tell me where I can find pretty Downton Abbey icons.
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>> My vacation is over, I'm back at work and at a complete loss. I have no idea what I was supposed to before I left for vacation. Oh well, it'll come to me, I'm sure.

>> Vacation was pretty boring after 3 days, but I got a very nice tan so I'm happy.

>> One thing I missed the most during my vacation is the Game of Thrones posts on both ONTD and ONTD_asoiaf. How lame of me, right? NO, YOU'RE WRONG. THEY'RE AWESOME.

>> I hate my hair today. Woke up early to straighten it, did so and as soon as I turned of the straigthner it went back to being all wavy and crappy. Oh hair, why are you doing this to me? We used to get along so well! It's the freaking humid weather, I know it.

>> I'm contemplating on buying a ticket for the last HP movie. I will either go alone on Wednesday or wait forever for someone to come with me and end up not going. So yeah. Let me check if there's still empty seats for the 7pm showing on Wednesday. I can go directly after work. It might be fun... Yup, there are plenty of empty seats EVEN ON THE MIDNIGHT SHOWING ON TUESDAY NIGHT. I'm so tempted to buy a ticket for the midnight, but also I'm pretty sure I'll fall asleep before the movie ends, so not gonna risk it.

>> Just ordered the paperback copies of the first two books on A Song of Ice and Fire series. First one is for archiving purposes, second one is for me to read properly because I got so tired of trying to read it on my iPhone.

>> It's like a thousand degrees outside, but I'm cold at the office. Hopefully I won't have a blinding headache today, because that's what happens every Monday.
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It's almost 3am here and i came back from work just half an hour ago. Stayed at the office for 16 hours, worked for 8, but it was the wrong 8. The project i'm currently working on is so badly managed i want to puke.
Whatever, i am leaving this Friday and coming back on July 11th, so i'm fine. Today counts as a sacrifice for a good vacation.
But next time i will say no. This post is a reminder.

Also, i love Game of Thrones. That is a fact.

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So I met a publisher and a sci-fi author yesterday. I've been in contact with some people for a while now, but yesterday I met them. I've sent the manuscript for one of my novels to the publisher and he refered me to his friend, the sci-fi author. The novel I'm talking about is here. Click if you're interested, but it's all in Turkish, so yeah... I think this one is the most well received piece of writing I have ever done and I'm proud of it.

First and foremost, nobody's publishing my book YET, but it was a very informative and enjoyable meeting. )

Have you ever made an attempt to get published? I know there are a lot of writers in my friends list. We're all from different countries, but whatever, share! :D
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» I've been in a foul mood since yesterday. I really don't know the reason, but I am irritated with everything and everyone right now. Worst thing is I'm at the office and there's an end-user test going on one of my applications which will bring so many questions and it'll drive me even more insane.

» I've bought the plane tickets for our vacation next month and guess what, mom immediately asked me if we can change the date on her return ticket. NO MOM, WE CAN'T, THEY WERE THE CHEAPEST DEAL TICKETS I COULD FIND AND YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT. Every.single.time I do something regarding planning or buying for something we'll do together, she does this. She always has some other plans that will complicate the already made plan which stresses me out more that I can handle.

» My right arm is aching. I know it's stress related so I'm trying to relax, but since I don't know what's stressing me out this much, I fail. I am hopelessly trying to find a comfortable position to sit, but nothing works. Plus I woke up with a headache today so I'm hoping the painkiller I took a few minutes ago will solve both of my physical problems.

» Watched Cougar Town season finale last night and it was AMAZING. Couple of spoilery stuff... )

» The woman in the next office is talking too loudly. I am this close to barging in there and choking her.

» Happy Endings is awesome! Mostly Eliza Coupe is awesome than any other. The only thing that left me sad about the end of Scrubs was her absence on my screen, but now I can be happy again.

» Mom asked me if I wanted to extend my vacation to 2 weeks and I said no, because I seriously cannot handle a 2 week long family vacation, but I told her I can't take 2 consecutive weeks off from work. I love them all, but we're not that compatible when we are kept in a strange place too long. No, no, no and no.

» I wish people would just let me be today, but then I get sad because I get too lonely. I can never win. I want to punch something, but instead, I will use these gifs to express my current emotional status.

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★ I attempted to update here several times in these past weeks, but always felt like I didn't have anything substantial to say. Still feel like it, but whatever. All my f-list is updating and I'm afraid people will forget I exist and defriend me or something...

★ Been listening to Adele's Hiding My Heart for a couple of days and it's not doing me any good. I'm a bit disappointed in myself on the heart and feelings department and I've been feeling a little lonely for a while, so listening to Adele is like going on a suicidal mission willingly.

★ Another disappointment I had this week was the Bones season finale. Rest of this paragraph might still be spoilery for some of you, so I'll cut right here. )

★ How awesome is Game of Thrones? I love how it's critically acclaimed and epic and all that jazz. Of course it is, because it's not tv, it's HBO.

★ Remember the time I told you I was gonna start looking for another job? Hah. I'm doing NOTHING about it. Well, for my defense, there have been some major organizational changes in the company and now our department is a research and development unit which is awesome and means more money, so I'm hoping to get a piece of that pie.

★ Speaking of pie, I've gained so much weight it's insane. A coworker asked me if I gained weight before she said good morning (rude much?), so I take it as an emergency and start dieting. I'm not gonna starve myself, but I am also aware that I have been eating A LOT OF junk food and pastries lately. I quit. And I gotta start swimming. Summer is here. As soon as they put the sunbeds by the pool, I am there. I already have a natural lifesaver around my belly from eating too much cake. HA HA HA, not funny at all. I hate it. It feels like I have passed my prime and slowly falling into a pit of belly fat and boring days. I'm not obsessed with physical appearance, but I remember myself being all thin, fit and energetic and my current situation feels like shit to be honest. I need to change my ways and losing some of this weight will surely make me feel a bit better. Hopefully.

★ I believe I have sufficiently made your day a little bit more depressing, so mission accomplished. See you at my next post which will probably happen at a distant time in the future.
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I am in love with Game of Thrones. It started with "OOHH PRETTY SHOW!" and now I care about everyone (except Lannisters)! This will end bad, I know ;__;

I can't be happier on the TV front. This year has been really good so far.

Oh except Camelot. I can't seem to be interested in anyone over there. Everyone is either completely clueless, crazy or cruel. I don't like. I'll watch the latest episode and if that doesn't do it for me I'm out for good.

My work load is lighter! Hooray! I haven't done ANYTHING today and actually got away with it! REJOICE! :D

Got a haircut 2 weeks ago, but I'm too lazy to make it pretty every morning. I'm starting to regret that decision, but keeping it short gives me so much extra time during showers so I'll just shut up and go with the flow.

Everyone's catching a cold lately. I'm still in the safe zone, but afraid it won't last long. We're having really weird weather out here. It's rainy, cold, warm, humid, freezing, windy at the same time. I'm not even kidding. It's strange. It was really cold this morning so I said "what the hell!" and wore my turtleneck and the it suddenly got really hot and I was walking around with a black turtleneck like a stupid person. It's time to switch to "cardigans over t-shirts" phase.

Life's pretty boring in general. I'm planning or arranging a little get together with a couple of friends from college, but I'm too lazy to call people up and learn their schedules. I always end up making the plans and suffering from the consequences later, so I'm waiting for them to arrange stuff, but let's be honest, it'll never happen. *le sigh*

What should I watch now? I'm done with the 1st season of Shameless. Loved it towards the end. Looking forward to the new season next year. Also downloaded The Crimson Petal and The White just for Romola Garai. Is it any good?

I really want a Game of Thrones mood theme. I shall go back to my Legend of the Seeker set until someone decides to make a GoT one.
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Just watched the Britney Spears MTV special "I Am Femme Fatale" and I miss old Britney so much. I know, I know, NO1CURR, BUT SHE KINDA REPRESENTS MY TEENAGE YEARS! Whenever I see this new not-so-dancy and slightly depressed Britney I remember I grew up and people won't be dancing in high school corridors, yelling "hit me baby one more time". It's just sad guys, so sad. I can't even explain it... I feel so nostalgic right now ;__;

Look at her being awesome and energetic and young and pretty and BASICALLY BEING A TEENAGE DREAM.

And of course who can forget the 2001 VMAs with the awesomest snake in the world )

And I strongly believe that Till the World Ends is a rip off from I'm a Slave for You )
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Yeah, I still remember Rebecca Black exists. Moving on...

I had my long awaited ultrasound today and guess what, THE STONE IS STILL IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE!

My exact reaction when the doctor showed me the god damned stone:

On the brighter side, it seems like it's not gonna move anytime soon and it got smaller somehow. I will continue drinking all sorts of juices and herbal teas to make it go away. AT LEAST IT DOESN'T HURT. But the idea of it still being there makes me uncomfortable. Dad told me to forget about it, so I'll try... until next time it hurts like a bitch and I have to be tied to the bed. Yes. Case closed. Dismissed. Overruled. Whatever.

SO YES, I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE GOOD WIFE! IT IS GOOOOOOOOOD. Very very good. I'm still on Season 1, because it takes forever to finish the episodes! FEELS LIKE 2 HOURS INSTEAD OF 42 MINUTES! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? Not that I'm complaining, but still! WEIRD!

And Vampire Diaries is back, wohoo! Yesterday's episode was pretty good, but not "HOLY SHIT" worthy.

On a completely unrelated note: I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE. I've been so lazy this past MONTH, it's insane. It's like I am out of writing juice. My brain can't focus on one idea and keep going with it and it's driving me crazy. To be honest it's mostly making me sad, but crazy part is still in there.

So yeah, I might just suck it up and try to write something, anything for the sake of writing, because I feel like if I stop writing, I have nothing better to do in life. Sounds a little depressed, doesn't it? Yeah, you got it.
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I'm feeling a lot better. Thanks for all your good wishes on my last "kidney stone nightmare" entry. Still not sure if I actually passed the stone, but I have very little to no pain at all. Trying to be optimistic, but I can never know when the next hideous pain attack will happen. Either I learned to live with it or the stone is disolved and trying to find its way out without giving too much pain.

Of course whenever modern medicine falls short on giving answers, we turn our faces to herbs and vegetables. Today I started taking herbal pills, Gilaburu juice and golden herb tea. I will be pumped with so much antioxidant by the end of next week, I might become immortal in the process. FINGERS CROSSED!

Also, I'm trying to drink a lot of water, but despite my best efforts, I can't drink more than 2 liters (which is approximately half a gallon) without wanting puke my soul out. FAIL. I might stop drinking water altogether after I get over this tiny stone incident. My mom hates drinking water and I could never understand her feelings towards the tastless, colorless life substance, but now I know. I know mother, I know how awful it is. I will never ever tease you about it ever again!

On a completely different note: how many of you think Firefox 4 sucks meatballs? Because I do. I would rollback to 3-point-whatever if I wasn't so lazy.

In other news;
- I finished 3 seasons of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in 3 days which was awesome when I wasn't jumping up and down in pain. I remembered how much I missed that universe ♥
- Started watching The Good Wife. Done with 2 episodes for now and I liked it! :D

That's pretty much it. I have a nagging little ache on the left side of my back at the moment, but I'm ignoring it.

Also, I've been away from work for 3 days and it was awesome... when I wasn't jumping up and down in pain. Although it wasn't the vacation I dreamt about, it is still okay. I'm going back to my usual workload on Monday and hoping not to have any terrible kidney pain attack during the day. My worst nightmare is finding myself jumping up and down in pain in front of everyone. I simply cannot do it.

Yup, that's it.
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Hey guys, i am passing a kidney stone at the moment and open to all good suggestions on how to pass it quickly. I am drinking lots of water until i puke.

My work rant from the day before means nothing right now. I'd rather work 38297 hours instead of going through the pain i'm in most of the day. God has a way of sending certain life messages i guess...

But please, please don't tell me how painful it will get once i am actually close to passing the stone, because if one more person tells me i'm still at the beginning and the pain i have right now is nothing compared to what's to come, i will cut a bitch.

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Work rant

Mar. 29th, 2011 08:17 pm
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You've all heard this before, so feel free to ignore. I just need to get this out for myself.

Very very long rant. )

Now I'm gonna go and read Eisenfield porn.
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I am sleepy, cranky, achy, sad, mad, confused and very very tired.
This is my only reaction to the universe around me:

I want to go home and never get out of there until nothing hurts.
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So, I watched Downton Abbey last night and it was indeed delightful! I've heard so many amazing stuff about it basically from everyone I know, so I had to check it out, but to be honest, my expectations were very low. That's why I started watching it after 11pm, expecting to fall asleep. BAD IDEA, SELF, because it was amazing and I couldn't stop watching, therefore I couldn't sleep well. I have one thing to say about the first episode... )

Dear Britain,

You've been doing such an amazing job with tv shows lately. Kudos, my friend.

Sincerely, your humble TV fan.

Aside from Downton Abbey, there have been some stuff that made me truly sad, but it's not the place and time to share. I just wish everyone to be healthy and happy around me, that's all. I've received so many bad news lately, it's starting to become a regular thing and I'm afraid.
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I have 4 pages long of test results coming from the analysis department and I really have to finish them ASAP (like right now, at this moment), but do I care? Not today. Because today is what?

I haven't slept well last night. Several stuff might have screwed up my sleep, for instance:

- My brother leaving me all alone in the house and spending the night with his girlfriend although I asked him several times not to do that and even told him he could invite his girlfriend over. We're living in a duplex apartment for god's sake, you have enough privacy, why can't he just be nice and not leave me alone? )

- Watching The Middle before going to bed and not being able to stop watching even though it was way past midnight, hence not being able to wake up like a regular human being at 7:30am. The Middle is awesome though! )

- Finally falling asleep but forgetting to turn off the laptop so it played and played and played the same episode of Silk all night which kinda gave me weird dreams. I think I subconsciously watched the whole thing, I am not sure. British accent is probably carved in my brain forever.

But it's okay. I had coffee and a pretty nice lunch and I'm halfway through the test results. Hoping to finish this result set today and start another hugeass one on Monday. Oh Monday, your early level of obnoxiousness is admirable.

Yeah, I'm done. Gotta go back to work. I might be able to accomplish more stuff now that most of the office is out at lunch and my phone has never been this quiet since... last year.
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I'm waiting for Greek to finish downloading, it has 20 mins. to go and apparently I've been sleepwalking whole day because I pretty much forgot downloading all the important shows. Except How I Met Your Mother. It was really nice Except... ) Then there is Gossip Girl but you already witnessed my excessive reactions 2 entries before, so no need to mention it again.

How awesome was the Oscars this year? Haters to the left, Anne Hathaway was flawless.

That was supposed to be a real life post, right? Yeah.

Work is work. Sometimes too much work and sometimes a lot fun, but still, work is work. And apparently it is a neverending cycle of projects. One ends, another one starts and I'm always the designated driver during those parties. No fun, always work. Although there's a very important upside to all of this I FEEL LIKE A FREAKING QUEEN BECAUSE EVERYONE NEEDS ME. So yeah, universe and I have a slightly skewed way of understanding each other.

Mom's left us alone for the remainder of this week. She's visiting her eldest brother (aka my eldest uncle) and having a good time while I feed my brother, my dad and myself. At least there's no immediate laundry to attend to so I'm a happy sailor. I hate doing the laundry. It's gonna be me and the dirty dishes this week, fun times ahead y/y?

I've been e-mailing back and forth with 2 of my college friends. One of them is getting married this fall so we've been talking about sex, marriage and kids a lot. I have none of them, S has sex, N has sex and marriage, so I mostly take part in the conversation with my fictional knowledge of real life relationships. I'm giving all sorts of advices while I'm thinking about the characters I wrote about throughout the years. I feel like I've lived 943593 lives, but in fact I haven't lived 1 at its fullest.

I don't want to go deeper on the subject of love, sex, marriage and kids, so I'll cut this part short. Don't want to bring you down with me during my pathetic attempt at validating the absent parts of my own life.

On a happier note I've downloaded the BluRay rip of Tangled. It gives me so much joy. And I love Natalie Portman.

ETA: Tangled was even more amazing and fun the second time around. ♥
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Full size:

I was talking to my brother yesterday, telling him how much I wanted a desktop computer. He asked me if I was crazy and told me to buy a monitor and a keyboard so I can plug my very well functioning laptop to them. Then he looked around and found me the precious gem above!

IT.IS.PURPLE. (I would buy an orange one if I could, but purple/pink is fine too!) AND IT IS CHEAP! (12-installments-to-my-credit-card cheap --20 liras each. Approx. $15 a month-- Otherwise everything's expensive, are you kidding me?) It's $135 which is a pretty good price for a full HD LG monitor! (At least that's what my brother told me and I trust him with this stuff.) DETAILED INFO IN TURKISH.

My only concern is the delivery. I gave my home address since I can't carry that mofo from office to home and I'm just praying for them to deliver it to the apartment security safe and sound. I'll leave a note to the security people as soon as this baby is shipped!


Except, my mom's gonna flip a tiny bit when they deliver this, but whatever whatever I do what I want (with my very little money!)

Now I have to find a good keyboard to go with this one. Preferably white or you know, steal one from work until I buy a new one. *trollface*
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Wow, it's already February... This year is going to go even faster than I thought.

I just took a look at my scrapbook and kinda did a January digest. My movie watching skills are pretty good, writing is not bad, but reading? I am ashamed of that empty section under "books". I have a lot of unread/half-read books on my shelves, but I have absolutely no interest in reading lately. I'd rather spend that time writing or watching something (obviously!), but I need to get better at finishing books.

I was sick and in bed (expectedly) during the weekend. On Saturday I had to go to work for a brief meeting, then I came back home somewhat energized and stayed up late writing with [ profile] awakencordy. On Sunday my whole system collapsed and I spent the whole day in bed. Mom and dad were on vacation, they came back after 5 or 6pm, don't remember, mom fed me and gave me some medicine, then I slept like a baby and here I am today. I was all "meeeh I don't wanna work todaaay ;__;" in the morning, but then I went, I worked my ass off and I feel a lot better. This flu thing better go away soon, I don't want to spend another weekend sneezing and cleaning up snot all over my face (ugh, I know, sorry! TMI).

Mom, brother and brother's girlfriend are cooking and chatting downstairs. Such a happy little family! I am surprised how good mom and girlfriend are getting along. Mom is usually irritated with her, but she is really such a cutie, it's hard to resist. But this doesn't change the fact that my brother failed one of his classes and if he can't retake that failed class next year (which is also a prerequisite for 4 classes he MUST take to graduate) shit will get real so fast, I'm afraid of the things I'll see.

THANK GOD, SCHOOL IS OVER. I am thankful for it every single day.

I miss Death Note. I want to watch it once again, but I've just finished re-watching it last week (or the week before, whatever) so I remember pretty much everything and I'm not sure if it'll entertain me as much... Still, I miss it. I admit petting the DVD box set several times. I believe it's alive.

I'm thinking about quitting some of my TV shows. BUT, everytime I say this and stop watching a show I always end up wanting to go back and when I do, I like it even better than I did when I stopped watching. Endless dilemma.

I'm mostly indecisive about;
- Chuck: I don't know what they're doing anymore!
- House: I don't know why they're still making that show anymore! Although the latest episode was FUN! And I've been watching this for what...7 years now? Do I really want to stop now? It's still 200% better than Grey's Anatomy.
- Gossip Girl: Only watching for the possibility of Blair/Dan. Even Chuck is boring. If nothing happens this season I'm out for the future ones.
- Hellcats: I'm definitely quitting this one, boring, predictable and... boring. I'm taking it off the list right now... Done.

On the other hand, I can't get enough of these shows:
- Modern Family: AWE-WAIT FOR IT-SOME.
- How I Met Your Mother: Classic.
- Cougar Town: It simply makes me happy.
- Friday Night Lights: I'm in denial. This cannot be the last season
- The Vampire Diaries: Damon and his epic vampire tears.

This last category is for the shows I just watch because I really want to see what happens next, but not as much invested as I was before;
- Greek: If this wasn't the last season, I might be more bouncy about it. Beaver episode was GOLDEN though!
- Glee: I don't even... Just for the songs. Those damned songs.
- Bones: If someday Angela and Hodgins decide to leave, I'll leave. Until then, I'll work something out. Weekly cases are boring the hell out of me, plus Booth and Brennan need to have hot sex and get it over with.
- The Office: Last Steve Carell season. Must watch even though it's not even funny anymore. Are they planning on bringing Ricky Gervais next season? I heard no buzz about it whatsoever.
- Community: Because I was watching this when nobody cared and now it's the most hipster show ever, I can't quit. Plus Annie is pretty.

Yup, pretty much it. Oh by the way, does anyone know when Secret Diary of a Call Girl is coming back? Or is it coming back at all?



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