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[ profile] caffrey has started posting her amazing Merlin/Legend of the Seeker crossover fic Prophecy & Destiny! I've been looking forward to reading for a long time now and it's finally here :D

Join the epic fun, read the prologue and chapter 1 here!

After surviving the events of Light, Dark and Perdition (episodes 2x08 - 2x10), the Seeker must resume his mission in following the compass he holds to the Stone of Tears. In the midst of his quest, Richard Cypher receives word of a new prophecy: The Seeker of Truth cannot prevail without the help of the Next Great Wizard.
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Day 09 - Best scene ever

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I don't know how long I'm gonna keep up with this, but everyone's doing it so I WANNA.

Day 01 - A show that should have never been canceled


That hair, horse and cleavage action you see above was in the PILOT episode of this series. Can you imagine? It had so much potential, such beautiful cast (Bridget Regan and Tabrett Bethell in the lead) & scenery, extremely cheesy yet heartwarming plot points, CARA, swords, Kahlan's white confessor dress (also seen above), FLOWING EPIC HAIR (hello! above!), Richard's abs, magic, love, Mord Siths, Agiel (Cara had two!), etc. etc. I wish it was promoted more and had solid hours and wasn't syndicated. Still, SAVE OUR SEEKER quest goes on and I admire the dedication in this fandom so much.
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I was away for the weekend and this is what happened when I was gone! ♥

Epic LotS fandom is epic.

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I'm not a huge picspam person, but this episode was special (finale and all...) and EXTREMELY PRETTY! Plus I was able to obtain awesome HD caps and simply couldn't stop myself.

Let's get on with it.

Oh so many spoilers ahead! )


May. 23rd, 2010 12:07 pm
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It's gone now.

Real tears... )

I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I'm so sad. There has to be a season 3 :(
Best mood theme ever: Animated Cara mood theme
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OH YEAH, IT'S HAPPENING GUYS! *is so excited it's insane*

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It's official, I have a HUGE crush on Bridget Regan. After years and years of no flailing I end up loving this woman and now her show is cancelled? It's just not fair.

Here's an interview of her from Attack of the Show. I got the video from [ profile] this_years_girl's I MET BRIDGET REGAN! post which is full of awesomeness!

She is really amazing, guys. Watch the video and see for yourselves! But beware, there are clips from this week's finale in the beginning of the video, but none of them are too spoilery if you've seen the trailer last week.

Bridget talks about "Gay For Kahlan" fanfiction, Camp Wanatachi, is Seeker going to be saved? (apparently not. woe is me.) and lots of crazy fun stuff with the host. She is absolutely amazing AND OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD PRETTY!

Video just down this line, but it takes a bit to load the content, so be patient! It's worth it ♥

And for all my friends who started watching Legend of the Seeker and kind of bored with the first few episodes: IT IS GOING TO GET A LOT BETTER! HANG ON! Please?
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Holy Mother Confessor! This is epic! Click on the picture!

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Thank you, universe, for this amazing day. I haven't had one like this for a very long time.

Nothing major happened, but it was without fail that's for sure!

Dilek had a nice day! How very strange of her! )

- Then there was awesome TV! Gossip Girl season finale! )

- But above it all, God created Gregory House. House season 6 finale aka the best show's awesome fanservice )

- Yup! That's my day for you. I'm going to bed now. A little hungry, but it's okay. I ate way too many green plums. Delishhhhhhhhhhhh!

- And now I randomly remembered Dean & Deluca and their delicious cinnamon apple muffin. What the hell?

- OH LOOKIE, MY NEW MOODTHEME! RICHARD & KAHLAN! I completely forgot about it! Such a nice reminder! ♥ Watch Legend of the Seeker, it's awesome.
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Unbroken )

I want to talk about next week's trailer, but I'm too ecstatic right now, I can't gather my thoughts! *deep breaths* Hmmmmmmmmm..

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I'm interrupting your friends list surf with a very important announcement.

My announcement is... CARA.

You may continue your daily routine now, thank you.
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- I should begin this entry with the most important TV event, LOST.
Lost was pretty open and simple, I don't know why people didn't like this episode... )

- I enjoyed Glee very much, as usual. The boy is mine... )

- I'm going to see Mika on 29th with a big group of friends! (especially with [ profile] glenien and [ profile] awakencordy!) They delivered my ticket today. I love online shopping so much, it's insane.

- Okay guys, now listen to me. Are you looking for new shows to watch this summer? I know you do. So just go ahead watch these three:
1. Legend of the Seeker: Because it's amazing, fun, sexy and the NZ scenery is to die for.
2. Cougar Town: IT.IS.NOT.ABOUT.A.COUGAR. It's one of those heartwarming and extremely funny ensemble shows, plus it's created by Bill Lawrance (Scrubs).
3. Lie to Me: It's smart. It's interesting. It's procedural, yet not so much formulaic as other procedural shows. Cast is amazing, chemistry is just the right amount!

I, myself, will start watching Burn Notice and White Collar this summer. I'm hoping to be swept away by both!

- I love my new header: Kahlan being bad ass with her hair and awesome dress flowing around ♥

- I'm addicted to Tumblr.

- I think I'm losing weight, but not sure.

- It's too hot in here, I'm having a hard time breathing properly wtf. Turn on the AC!
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Okay, I'm in pain. Legend of the Seeker 1x20 )

Too sexy...

May. 9th, 2010 01:34 am
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I was about to go to sleep, then this happened.

Richard is too sexy to be cancelled.

You should really see this people, everyone! =)) For the sake of my sexy icon, do eeettt!!
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Please take a minute from your time and
Vote for Save Our Seeker Ad Campaign Designs
The winner ad will be submitted to Variety for publishing.

Smiling mord-sith Cara thanks you :) ♥

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This week was already beyond amazing THANKS TO CARA AND HER EMOTIONAL STATE.Spoilerish gifs under the cut! )

But next week, oh gosh next week... I need a time-turner, right now.

Plus SaveOurSeeker campaign has gathered 7K+ in donations. Less than 72 hours. It's crazy. I love this fandom. Really. I hope this works, but even if it doesn't LotS fandom will still be epic.


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