Dec. 27th, 2011 07:33 pm
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I have absolutely no idea what I've done for myself in past couple of weeks. Remember going to my friend's wedding, but nothing after it. Work was (surprisingly) busy. Just finished my 2-day training on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. It was boring, but allowed me to come home early and have a speedy recovery from my regular Monday syndrome. (Downton Abbey helped a lot with that as well!)

Wanted to update about a lot of things but nothing interesting is happening. Sometimes I think I have this paid account for nothing. LOL.

I should update my scrapbook and get ready for the "end of year review" post I'll do on Friday! (or Saturday.) Last year's was so much fun!

Started watching Hawaii Five-0. It's delightful! ♥ I love Danny and adore the Danny/Steve dynamic. Also Grace Park, you have the most beautiful smile and Kono is badass. I'm still towards the end of Season 1 so no spoilers please.

I haven't written a single word for 3 weeks (maybe more, not sure), it's bad. I thought I was done with my writer's block. I guess it's not that easy.

Also, I'm reading all of your entries, but too lazy to comment on all, sorry if you think I'm one of your invisible friends, I am not, I promise! I just don't know what to say most of the time. *hugs you all*

People keep asking me what I'm doing for new year's eve and my answer is "nothing, hanging with the family" as usual. It's not like I want to go out and spend it with a bunch of strangers in a stuffed club, but it feels weird after sometime to tell people I have NO PLANS for ANY SPECIAL DAY EVER.

Meeeh, whatever.

Oh and merry belated Christmas to all! I'm more active on Twitter so I usually forget to celebrate special days on here. Oh LJ, why can't I use you more frequently? Why? I think it's the downtime issue. Hopefully it won't happen again anytime soon. I love LJ and I really don't want to leave here even though I'm barely around as it is.


Aug. 31st, 2011 06:33 pm
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I have never been this bored since I was 9 or something.
It's driving me insane.
Nothing can entertain me.
No book, movie, game or tv show is fun enough.
Has my life finally come to this?
On top of being bored I feel extremely aimless.
And that is sad.

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I'm bored and cramping in my girly parts so I wanted to cheer myself up. DOING THIS AGAIN LIKE A BOSS.

1. Open your .gif folder.
2. Use every third .gif as a reaction to the statement.

Let's put all of this under a cut this time around. )
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>> Finally found an awesome layout and changed [ profile] thelake! Similiar to my old one, but wider and prettier tbh.

>> Also I started using the navigation strip. It used to be so hideous and useless, and I hid it everytime I'm customizing my layout, but now I really like it!

>> First 2 books of "A Song of Ice and Fire" series have arrived today. I'll skip the 1st one since Game of Thrones season 1 pretty much covered everything and start with the 2nd one right away. I began reading A Clash of Kings in my iphone but mobile solutions are really useless when it comes to such a huge, thick, detailed book. Hopefully I'll finish it by the time 2nd season starts. People are reading the last book and gushing over it, but look at me, a poor soul still trying to get through the 2nd one, LOL! I'm spoiled for the whole series, so no problemo, I'll just read for the details.

>> I am also reading Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" and even though I keep telling everyone how "formulaic" his books are, he never fails to keep me interested. I'm planning on finishing it during the week and start A Clash of Kings as soon as possible.

>> I am bored.

>> Oh and one last thing, Sirens is an awesome TV show, give it a chance. I started watching it only for Richard Madden's flawfree face, but I got hooked. Latest episode was the best of all actually and I'm kinda sad it's only 6 episodes. Ugh British TV, y u no make your seasons longer?

Photo meme

Jul. 17th, 2011 01:11 pm
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I'm bored out of my mind, so let's do this:

Photo Meme

Tell me 3 things (or more, or less, whatever, really...) you want to see from my RL and I'll take photos of them as long as they're not extremely private.

Richard "Richdick" Madden thanks you for your time and participation, love you all.
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I was bored and curious.
List shows the top 40 which is 20+ comments.

Total comments: 9377 Rest of the list )
1[ profile] thelake3777
2[ profile] awakencordy1139
3[ profile] katayla674
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7[ profile] x_immortal165
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9[ profile] torigates138
10[ profile] 0summer_night0110
11[ profile] nowgold106
12[ profile] chicaintcheap97
13[ profile] mchun94
14[ profile] likestardust80
15[ profile] crazygorgeous1374
16[ profile] syxstring63
17[ profile] sakuracorr61
18[ profile] heartscream60
19[ profile] punklegolas59
20[ profile] rolandcl58
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>> Can't stop listening to Taylor Swift.
Favourites from the latest album:
- Speak Now
- Back to December
- If This was a Movie
- Mean
I would have had more fav. songs if I had stopped listening to one of the above constantly for hours and HOURS.

>> I AM SO BORED RIGHT NOW. I'm more tired than bored, but still pretty bored. Remember the time when I complained about my job? Yeah, it got better. I got the hang of things faster than I expected AND THINGS WENT FROM CRAZY DIFFICULT TO DAMN BORING IN LIGHT SPEED. I can get no satisfaction. Shoot me.

>> We'll leave work early tomorrow. October 29th is a national holiday (Republic Day) so they give us an extra half day as a gift for being SUCH AWESOME CITIZENS. True story. I can really use a vacation though, I'm very tired.

>> Now, I will talk about FANDOM. Monday TV was pretty good, don't you think? HIMYM was Robin-centric and it was especially delightful with the spoilery scene ) Then came Chuck and I kind of cried at the end. Gossip Girl was okay, considering it had Jenny in it, but I wasn't extremely annoyed. Moderately uncomfortable is the definition. Blair had it coming this time, not gonna lie.

>> Who's doing NaNo this year? I'll just cheat and finish my ongoing novel. It's at 30K at the moment. 20K in a month shouldn't be a problem. We'll see. If you guys want to share your frustration throughout the whole thing, [ profile] katayla just opened a community: [ profile] theangstofnano, go ahead and join.

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I hate Sundays.
Everything feels so temporary. And you know, the next day is Monday.
Only thing that makes me remotely happy about Sundays is the promise of having Lost Girl to watch on Mondays. Especially this guy:

Watched Zombieland. It was fun. Now I can't decide if I should continue watching stuff or lay back and read something.
Sundays are boring.
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>> Today's Lost Girl day! Awesome! Another reason to immediately leave work and go home.

>> Working is frustrating, but re-doing someone else's crappy work is even more rage inducing.

>> LJ is in depression. My flist is full of emotional/confused/ranty/depressed entries. I love you guys, don't be sad ♥

>> Mondays should be included in the weekend. Starting the week from Tuesday makes a HUGE difference, believe me.

>> Dark and rainy weather is finally taking its toll on me. I am constantly sleepy, it's not good. I think it's some kind of a seasonal fatigue. I don't like it at all.

>> When I'm at work I want to do all sorts of other stuff, like read, write, do web design, wash the dishes, shop etc. But when I go home I find myself in bed, with my laptop, watching TV shows. I feel like my life is being wasted, but it doesn't bother me.

>> I decided that I'm too selfish to have a romantic relationship. I keep making up scenarios in my head and when it comes to deciding between my significant other and myself, I always chose myself. I guess you need to actually "fall in love" to get over your selfishness.

>> I really want to go home.
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I'm having a really hard time adapting to work today. After 5 days of free-time I feel like somebody slapped me in the face and kicked me out of my house. Plus, I need to take that damn certificate exam this week. Grrr, I remember NOTHING about the subject.

I hate my hair today as well. It's my fault, really. I thought I could fix it when I woke up, but felt so lazy and tired, so I didn't.

Opera browser doesn't work properly on my work computer, so I had to switch to Firefox and I'm too lazy to install add-ons to have the awesome features I readily have on Opera. But I gotta admit, it's a lot faster than Opera. But then again ADD-ONS. I don't want. Too much work. But if you recommend me some, I'll glady check 'em out and make it pretty BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHING TO DO TODAY.

I tried changing my layout, because honestly, I couldn't read a thing! After going through almost 20 different css codes, I ended up with a very old one I've already used for a century. I like it. Readable, clean, simple.


I saw Parker (from Leverage) in my dream. We were running away from something, don't remember what. There was a pool and I was wearing a hideous black dress whereas Parker was wearing a mini dress completely made of black lace. Wtf. It was almost a sex dream. It even involved a really small elevator. I'm having almost-sex-dreams about Parker. AWESOME!

Now you know how weird I am today, cheers!
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Last night I woke up with an extremely itchy right arm. Turned out I was bitten in 34985 places by a single, crazy mosquito. It's that time of the year again when my entire family can sleep soundly and I itch, toss and turn all night because apparently all mosquitos find my blood tastier than other people. After I tended my arm, my middle finger started itching. Ironic. It was swollen and kept throbbing for an hour before I went to sleep. I'll sleep with a tube of Fenistil beside my pillow whole summer.

It's hot like hell outside and cold like north pole inside. I'm this close to being sick, but I'm holding on.

They're playing Hey There Delilah on the radio and all I sing the song with the lyrics to Hey There Seeker. Fandom is awesome.

I have to memorize 157 questions for a certificate exam. I don't know how many questions I'll get out of that pool, but studying (in any shape or form) is boring. I don't understand a word of what I'm reading (mostly because I have no idea what they're talking about since we're just memorizing stuff instead of learning it.)

I can't believe how broke I am this month. I'll pay my credit card bill the day after tomorrow and I'll be left with 4 or 5 bucks. I haven't been asking my mom for money for a very long time, but I think it's time.

That's it, I'm bored.
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- Real life's been boring as you all may have noticed from my never ending random/meme entries. However, my imaginary world is pretty colorful and enjoyable with me writing (yet another unpublished) fairytale-sque novel. I'm having so much fun thinking about it, writing it, coming up with new stuff, etc. It's keeping my mind busy and colorful, so I'm glad about that.

- Today is the training week at work, I have two overlapping training sessions and I think I'm favoring one of them more than the other and will continue with it. Plus I'm very good at it and it's hands on experience.

- I'm STILL waiting for my HP books to arrive, I'm so in the mood for them and I don't want that moment to be gone by the time amazon delivers it! D: It says estimated delivery is on the 8th, I hope it's true, because tracking doesn't do shit.

- See this is the entire summary of my whole life. I have nothing else. Thank you, universe.

- At least I'm 100% healthy. *knocks on wood.*
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Still waiting.
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- I've been reading MARK READS TWILIGHT for two days and it was a both fun and scarring experience. I now don't have any idea why I enjoyed those books. Fandom ruins everything.

If you want to read, start from August 2009 and go from there, it's so much fun (and sometimes dark when he mentions his abusive past and how it's so hard to be adopted, gay and a Christian at the same time) and even more amazing if you actually hate Twatlight.



Oh and S. Meyer wrote another book novella to accompany the other 4 and a half. It's about a character named Bree Tanner (whom I have absolutely no memory of) who appreared in Eclipse and got killed by one of the Volturri.

So sad.

It's about her short period of time as a vampire. How interesting!


edit: Amazon has just sent me an email
As you've shown an interest in Stephenie Meyer's books, we thought you'd like know about the exciting release of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner on 5th June 2010.

Fans of the "Twilight" saga will be enthralled by the riveting story of Bree Tanner, a character introduced in "Eclipse". With an irresistible combination of danger, mystery and romance, Meyer tells the devastating tale of Bree and the newborn vampire army as they prepare to close in on Bella Swan and the Cullens.

Don't make me regret the day I bought those books, Amazon. It was a very vulnarable period of my life! I was moving back home and my life was changing, BUT NOW, IN MY RIGHT MIND, NO.

- He'll start reading Harry Potter soon and I'll be following that as well! I'm still waiting for my books to arrive. COME ON AMAZON, DELIVER THEM ALREADY!

- It smells like a bakery in here, wtf! I shouldn't eat anymore. I've gained so much weight it's crazy.

- Speaking of weight; I started exercising last week and in my first day of actually walking on the treadmill my sneakers blistered my poor ankles so bad, it was crazy. I'm now wearing high ankle socks to the gym.

And apparently I can't run for more than a minute. My heart literally aches. Plus, yesterday after a 30 minute work out I felt extremely bloated. What's up with that!? It was like my muscles were swollen and I couldn't stand straight.

I think that's what happens after sitting on my ass for 1.5 years without doing anything other than using stairs.

- It's mom's birthday this Sunday, happy times. And it's also [ profile] awakencordy's birthday this month (22nd), festive times. Plus two other friends. So many people were born in April.

- Next week (and the week after) will be about training training training! There will be so much training that two of them will overlap. Crazy times. I wonder what purpose will they serve considering I still haven't received any analysis on any of the projects we're supposed to be doing in the near future. Lazy times.

- I have nothing else to add. I'm hungry. Eating apples make you even more hungry.
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- Steel Cage Madness is breaking my heart this year, but at least there are more ladies this year which is always awesome, so let's go and vote for them:

- I don't like Ke$ha, but I can't stop listening to Tik Tok. It already has played an obnoxious number of times.

- I watched Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief last night and aside from Lorgan Lerman being strangely attractive (for an 18 year old kid) the movie cannot hold a candle against Harry Potter movies. "Gods in America" concept is just not that exciting on screen, especially when they play Lady Gaga and Ke$ha in the background. It's just not right. Although I approve Melina Kanakaredes as Athena VERY VERY MUCH! ♥ She was stunning.

- Winter is back, full force. It's a little bit depresssing, but I'm trying not to care. April is so close.

- CAN THE OSCARS BE ONLINE ALREADY! DAMMIT! I STILL DON'T KNOW WHO WON! I'M AVOIDING SPOILERS! FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS YEAR. I only know about one, saw an icon and mom slipped it accidentally during dinner, but no, I don't want to know the rest. I've waited 24 hours, I can wait for more. Oh whatever! I can't go without [ profile] ohnotheydidnt one more day!
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- It's so sad to feel this uninspired today. It's Friday, it's almost weekend! Time to rest, time to be creative... Unfortunately it's not the case for me this weekend, hopefully it'll solve itself out, but I don't have any interest in doing anything.

- My bottom left wisdom tooth hurts (still), but it doesn't make any sense. I got over the wisdom tooth pain stage 3 years ago, so I'm hoping it's just a canker sore and fade away in a couple of days. If not I have to pay a visit to the dentist which makes me even more depressed at this point. Please go away pain, please?

- TV schedule is so messed up, I don't know when my regular shows will return. Isn't the Olympics over yet?

- I started reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld and it's kind of getting boring to see "beautiful" used to describe almost everything. I'm having a hard time imagining what "beautiful" represents.

- The only upside for today is that my eyeliner looks awesome, so yes, my eyes are pretty. But other than that... blah.
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Today is not my day. It started bad and going on pretty bad in general.

Oh luck, where are you today? )
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Comment and I'll give you a letter, then you have to list ten people/places/things you love that begin with that letter, afterwards post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.

I was bored, so [ profile] x_immortal gave me L;

01. Love, because all you need is love.
02. Lilacs. They are my second favourite flowers after hydrangeas.
03. "LOL" I use it so much, it's not even funny (and meaningful) anymore.
04. Lifehouse. Awesome band is awesome.
05. Living with my family, because it's easier and cosier.
06. Lemons! They're tasty and yellow!
07. Listening to music. (I know I'm cheating but whatever) I love it.
08. Livejournal. Duh.
09. Lips, because what you gonna do without em?
10. License to Wed. Such a funny movie you should all watch it!
10. Luplex! How did I even forget about it, it's beyond me! It's my creative haven!

Yes there are two 10s, so what?
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>> I can't believe it's the last week of 2009. Time goes by so fast, it's crazy! What are you planning for New Year's eve? For me, it's home, fireplace, TV, food, board games with family, PJs and Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in midnight. Pretty classic.

>> Two people from work apparently were engaged in the weekend and the bride was serving some chocolate to people (some kind of a tradition here, I had absolutely no idea.) and I'm 100% left out. That's pretty rude. I mean you ask people in the next cubicle and you intentionally skip my cubicle? What's up with that?
And I think this officially makes each and every eligible men around me ENGAGED or MARRIED. Thanks, Universe.

>> My brother made me watch this awesome video yesterday. It explains all dimensions from 1 to 10 in such a simple and fun way, take a look:

>> I watched Invention of Lying and Adventureland last night. Both were extremely boring and pointless movies, I had to skip the last 45 mins. or so just to see how they ended. I was expecting more from Invention of Lying, but Ricky Gervais is such a repelling person for me, even Jennifer Garner couldn't save the movie. The ideas were pretty awesome though, I wish it could be done by some other group of people... As for Adventureland, Kristen Stewart and Ryan Reynolds? Ugh, please no. Seperately they're okay (Ryan Reynolds is more than okay!), but together, ugh, no, a big no.

Eta: Oh great, I ordered new year presents online and they completely messed up the order. I hate it when it happens. Now I have to send some stuff back and wait for them to deliver the new ones which will probably happen after New Year's. Damn.


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