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Thank you, universe, for this amazing day. I haven't had one like this for a very long time.

Nothing major happened, but it was without fail that's for sure!

Dilek had a nice day! How very strange of her! )

- Then there was awesome TV! Gossip Girl season finale! )

- But above it all, God created Gregory House. House season 6 finale aka the best show's awesome fanservice )

- Yup! That's my day for you. I'm going to bed now. A little hungry, but it's okay. I ate way too many green plums. Delishhhhhhhhhhhh!

- And now I randomly remembered Dean & Deluca and their delicious cinnamon apple muffin. What the hell?

- OH LOOKIE, MY NEW MOODTHEME! RICHARD & KAHLAN! I completely forgot about it! Such a nice reminder! ♥ Watch Legend of the Seeker, it's awesome.

Monday TV

Feb. 10th, 2010 09:35 am
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How I Met Your Mother )

Greek )

Chuck )

House )

On a very unrelated note; Paramore's music annoys me to no end.

Oh and a slightly related note; I downloaded the 1st season of Legend of the Seeker and I'll start watching it asap! ♥

Monday TV

Nov. 18th, 2009 09:13 am
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Greetings from the "download the day after" land! Here is another good Monday TV review for all of you!

How I Met Your Mother )

Gossip Girl )

Lie to Me )

House )

I'm still watching Accidentally on Purpose, but I don't think it's worth to talk about. It's fun and all, but meh...

I have absolutely nothing to do today at work. I want to write, but 80% sure that I won't. Let's see if I can win a bet against myself.
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This is OTP.

House vs. Lightman

ETA: 2 more under the cut... )
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I have absolutely nothing interesting going on in my life, which results in me not updating my journal regularly.

But as Mr. Humphrey Bogart said: we'll always have Paris TV! I'm pretty late on that too, I'll talk about Monday TV...

Greek, HIMYM, House, Lie to Me, Accidentally on Purpose )

I watched Normal Again last night (BTVS Season 6). Oh my, how I adore that episode! SMG makes such a perfect crazy person and Buffy is particularly pretty in that episode. ♥

I also watched Alias. I'm still on Season 4 and I'm kind of bored. I'm trying to reach to the season finale and the only thing I'm worried about is Jack. Other than that, I'm feeling a little disconnected right now.

Aside from the things I watch, let's talk about things I write, or to be more accurate, things I'm planning on writing but never have enough inspiration to begin. I want to write at least 10 different things right now, but I absolutely have no idea how to do that. It mostly feels like an obligation to write lately, so I'm waiting until I feel better about it. Time is the best medicine...

Last but not the least, we've just made dinner plans with my bffs, hopefully the world will not collapse, and we'll make it. *crosses fingers* It was completely spontaneous and unplanned, so I'm guessing everything's going to be okay.

Wow, this Bach song (Violin Partita 1 in B min.) is killing my brain with constant and absolute violin voice *changes* and I like violin.

Glee and all sorts of fun shows (Bones, Cougar Town) tonight (yesterday for you :P), can't wait.
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Last week was a mess. I was sick and kind of depressed so I ended up watching everything on the weekend.

So here we go, weekly TV digest October 5th-11th TV )

Haven't watched Brothers & Sisters yet, but I gotta tell you that I'm loving it this season. Such amazing group of people in one show. Katie, you should catch up asap!

Also when will Lady Gaga make a new album? Do it Gaga, I'm already bored with this one!

TV talk!

Sep. 22nd, 2009 04:10 pm
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I'm kind of disoriented after 3 days of vacation since I haven't been out of my work-home routine for a solid year, so I just watched my shows and caught up.

I'm not going to go into detail, just stray observations, so no plot spoilers, but you might want to skip if you don't like reading reactions.

Thursday TV

Vampire Diaries: I officially don't care about the plot, just watching for pretty people and I still think Stefan would make a perfect Edward Cullen.

Supernatural: I'm really sorry, but I'm not feeling it. I'll stop watching it for now and read reviews or reactions from my bffs if I feel like it. Supernatural is best when it's observed from a distance.

The Office: Michael Scott at his best: being extremely and painfully awkward! The Office can go on for 10 more seasons and I'll still be interested.

Community: Oh I like it! I'll give it a few more episodes for the final verdict.

Project Runway: Wow, I've never seen so many lies and laziness from a single person. Logan is so cool and cute and oh so dreamy.

Saturday TV

Merlin: I didn't like it. I couldn't find the depth of Season 1, especially with Arthur. It was like all the character development in Season 1 is magically vanished. No pun intended, and other romantic stuff felt a little forced. Morgana was still pretty though, I love her ♥

Monday TV

Greek: I want more Beaver! ♥ and I want Cappie and Casey to focus on each other. ESPECIALLY CAPPIE.

Gossip Girl: Much better than last week. I still don't understand Nate's function in all this, but he is pretty, as usual. I don't like Serena and whatever she does to have whomever's attention. I don't get it.

How I Met Your Mother: If you're looking for a perfect start to a new season, watch this show and learn. Amazing. 10/10. I laughed my ass off and it was beyond my expectations. Amazing, I say.

House: Haven't watched that one yet, lol. I don't feel like watching 2 hours of crazy Dr. House. I'm too lost and restless for that. I need to find my pace with my online and creative life. But I'll definitely watch it. I can't miss it.

Emmy Awards Downloading it right now, don't know when I'll watch it, but I'm looking forward to see NPH! ♥

Lolster has just woken up to eat some snacks and it reminded me how hungry I am right now. Smart hamster, already helping me with my healthy eating schedule.


Aug. 9th, 2009 11:34 am
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Finally watched this!

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OH.MY.GOD. *with a very thick british accent*

Bones Season Finale )

House Season Finale )


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