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This year is just so tragically devastating regarding my TV habits. First Friday Night Lights, now Greek.

Expectedly, I cried my eyes out. Greek Series Finale )

I remember seeing Greek ads all over the internet and streets while I was in college and working in NY and thinking "God, what a horrible idea and look at those people, stupid! STUPID!" I WAS SO WRONG, SO SO SO WRONG. JUST LIKE ELIZABETH BENNETT SAID IN PRIDE AND PREJUDICE 2005; I HAVE BEEN SO BLIND, INTERNET. I finally found my way into this awesome show and I'm so gonna buy the whole box set and rewatch it for 34095849 times in the future.

A final advice: WATCH IT. YOU WON'T REGRET IT. Greek was, is and will be the best college show I've ever watched in my entire life. Well, if you think of it there haven't been any TV shows that is focused on college before, so GREEK WINS AT LIFE.

Monday TV

Feb. 10th, 2010 09:35 am
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How I Met Your Mother )

Greek )

Chuck )

House )

On a very unrelated note; Paramore's music annoys me to no end.

Oh and a slightly related note; I downloaded the 1st season of Legend of the Seeker and I'll start watching it asap! ♥

Monday TV!

Nov. 4th, 2009 08:58 am
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Yeah, yeah... Today is Wednesday but so what? And let me tell you, this Monday's TV was gooood.

Of course, first of all, GREEK! )

Yeah, I know I told you that I'll stop watching it, but I just couldn't help myself;
Gossip Girl )

and finally, How I Met Your Mother )

Yup, that is all. I'm now leaving for a whole day of ASP.NET programming, see you later alligator!
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Re: Greek;


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It seems that I've gotten a bit too much used to being lazy, because starting from tomorrow I'll be busy as hell and it suprised me a lot (in a good way)!

Very fun work stuff and schedule )

I'll be entering the Christmas spirit with the first week of November. Just so you know... Christmas carols, here I come!

Also I've managed to watch Greek and HIMYM last night:

Greek )

How I Met Your Mother )

I couldn't watch Lie to Me, I'll get to it tonight!

Also I want to watch Back to the Future again sometime... I think it'll be my 54867th time, but whatever. Dr. Emmett Brown owns my soul.
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I have absolutely nothing interesting going on in my life, which results in me not updating my journal regularly.

But as Mr. Humphrey Bogart said: we'll always have Paris TV! I'm pretty late on that too, I'll talk about Monday TV...

Greek, HIMYM, House, Lie to Me, Accidentally on Purpose )

I watched Normal Again last night (BTVS Season 6). Oh my, how I adore that episode! SMG makes such a perfect crazy person and Buffy is particularly pretty in that episode. ♥

I also watched Alias. I'm still on Season 4 and I'm kind of bored. I'm trying to reach to the season finale and the only thing I'm worried about is Jack. Other than that, I'm feeling a little disconnected right now.

Aside from the things I watch, let's talk about things I write, or to be more accurate, things I'm planning on writing but never have enough inspiration to begin. I want to write at least 10 different things right now, but I absolutely have no idea how to do that. It mostly feels like an obligation to write lately, so I'm waiting until I feel better about it. Time is the best medicine...

Last but not the least, we've just made dinner plans with my bffs, hopefully the world will not collapse, and we'll make it. *crosses fingers* It was completely spontaneous and unplanned, so I'm guessing everything's going to be okay.

Wow, this Bach song (Violin Partita 1 in B min.) is killing my brain with constant and absolute violin voice *changes* and I like violin.

Glee and all sorts of fun shows (Bones, Cougar Town) tonight (yesterday for you :P), can't wait.
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Last week was a mess. I was sick and kind of depressed so I ended up watching everything on the weekend.

So here we go, weekly TV digest October 5th-11th TV )

Haven't watched Brothers & Sisters yet, but I gotta tell you that I'm loving it this season. Such amazing group of people in one show. Katie, you should catch up asap!

Also when will Lady Gaga make a new album? Do it Gaga, I'm already bored with this one!

TV talk!

Sep. 22nd, 2009 04:10 pm
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I'm kind of disoriented after 3 days of vacation since I haven't been out of my work-home routine for a solid year, so I just watched my shows and caught up.

I'm not going to go into detail, just stray observations, so no plot spoilers, but you might want to skip if you don't like reading reactions.

Thursday TV

Vampire Diaries: I officially don't care about the plot, just watching for pretty people and I still think Stefan would make a perfect Edward Cullen.

Supernatural: I'm really sorry, but I'm not feeling it. I'll stop watching it for now and read reviews or reactions from my bffs if I feel like it. Supernatural is best when it's observed from a distance.

The Office: Michael Scott at his best: being extremely and painfully awkward! The Office can go on for 10 more seasons and I'll still be interested.

Community: Oh I like it! I'll give it a few more episodes for the final verdict.

Project Runway: Wow, I've never seen so many lies and laziness from a single person. Logan is so cool and cute and oh so dreamy.

Saturday TV

Merlin: I didn't like it. I couldn't find the depth of Season 1, especially with Arthur. It was like all the character development in Season 1 is magically vanished. No pun intended, and other romantic stuff felt a little forced. Morgana was still pretty though, I love her ♥

Monday TV

Greek: I want more Beaver! ♥ and I want Cappie and Casey to focus on each other. ESPECIALLY CAPPIE.

Gossip Girl: Much better than last week. I still don't understand Nate's function in all this, but he is pretty, as usual. I don't like Serena and whatever she does to have whomever's attention. I don't get it.

How I Met Your Mother: If you're looking for a perfect start to a new season, watch this show and learn. Amazing. 10/10. I laughed my ass off and it was beyond my expectations. Amazing, I say.

House: Haven't watched that one yet, lol. I don't feel like watching 2 hours of crazy Dr. House. I'm too lost and restless for that. I need to find my pace with my online and creative life. But I'll definitely watch it. I can't miss it.

Emmy Awards Downloading it right now, don't know when I'll watch it, but I'm looking forward to see NPH! ♥

Lolster has just woken up to eat some snacks and it reminded me how hungry I am right now. Smart hamster, already helping me with my healthy eating schedule.
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I had a really nice lunch with my mom and even played some Wii in a store :)) Mom practically had no idea what Wii was all about and kept asking questions to the sales guy, but since the sales guy had some mental problems (or at least I thought so) he kept refering to the Wii machine as "the console" and confused my mom even more! And mom didn't want me to cut in because she wanted to ask questions. Funny lady...

Then we moved to the iPhone section... (Mom asked me what I would want for my bday and I told her a Wii or an iPhone, so yeah, the reason for all this Q&A) Mom thinks iPhone is a term we use for all kinds of touch screen phones. I told her, "No, mom. It's not, it's a brand." Mom was still confused... The iPhone model they had didn't even have 3G so I just looked at the price and go "Yeah, sure." 1,625 TL for a single phone that looks pretty? Thanks but no thanks.

They also had iPod touch for 600+ TL and I wished so badly to be back in NY so that I could buy one for $199 (it's roughly 350 TL), but I am not in NY and I don't have that kind of money. I'm so glad I bought my Nano last year. I don't know what I would do without it.

We were supposed to talk TV, right? Yeah, let's do that...

Gossip Girl )

Greek )

MTV VMA 2009 )

NEW GLEE TONIGHT! (Tomorrow for me.) AND NEW BONES TOMORROW! (Friday for me.)

Ugh, I won't be able to watch Merlin's S2 premiere because I'll be away!

Last note, Mandy Moore's latest album Amanda Leigh is really good! Check it out...

Buh-bye now!

edit: Taylor Swift's song is pretty catchy and cute! I've never listened to it before, but I can't get it out of my mind now! I feel like jumping on my bed and sing along with her while jumping up and down (and eventually falling down.).

Tonight, I was listening to the radio on my way home. “Heartless” by Kanye West came on, a few seconds into the song, the DJ stopped it and said “just kidding!” and proceeded to play “You Belong with Me” by Taylor Swift. This made my whole day. MLIA

I love people :D
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1. It's been raining like crazy since yesterday and half of Istanbul is flooded right now! I'm not so eager about rain anymore...

2. My bff is getting out of hospital today. Test results were really good and now doctors started thinking that the problem might not be as serious as before, yay!

3. I've never thought of using the "Radio" option on iTunes before, today I gave it a try and it's awesome! I don't know why I haven't done that before. Silly me... I'm listening to 90s hits, fun!

4. Greek wasn't so much fun this week. It was too generic and mostly boring.


Sep. 1st, 2009 08:44 pm
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I've been running around and telling people that Greek is coming back this Monday but never actually hunted for promo videos or anything! Here is one!

Cappie is awesomer than ever!! ♥
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The Summer May Be Over, But At Least We'll Have New TV Celebration Post
I can't believe today is Friday again! August is almost over and my favourite month is so close! ♥ and of course next Monday = new Greek! I can't wait!!

edit: Hey [ profile] aftersix, we're reminiscing about the past in comments with [ profile] katayla, join us because I mentioned your name in a very crucial statement haha! *suspense!*
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Jul. 28th, 2009 09:18 am
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Greek cast:

Aren't they the most adorable cast ever!? Look at Cappie's hand on Casey's knee and Casey's hand on Cappie's hand and omg they're so happy and so awesome and so cute aw! ♥ and man, Evan is so handsome. He is truly the prince out of all those crazy cute kids!

And Eliza Dushku is so Trinity in this picture wth!?
and if anyone's interested in that Virtual Echo application (idk...) here it is:
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Okay, my brain has just crossed the hell over Veronica Mars and Greek.

Aren't these two so much like Cappie and Casey over there!?

Icon by [ profile] castiels
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Are you looking for some fun TV show to fill the void in Summer? Do you have oh so much free time in your hands and you don't feel like doing anything else but spend some time on your own? Do you want to see colorful college teens having parties and creating all kinds of love/friendship/hate triangles all over the place? Do you want to watch well built characters and snarky jokes? Do you want to see geeks and frat boys getting along so well that you want to cry?


I keep watching these shows without any expectations at all (see Skins) and I get hooked up so bad!

But seriously, give Greek a try. You will not be disappointed!

LOL and Dilş, one of the actress' real name is Dilshad! (The character is Rebecca Logan to be exact.)

I have a weird headache. This hot and humid weather is killing me.
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It's Monday all over again and I'm so so so bored. It's not like I don't have anything to do, I have lots of stuff, but the will to do them? Nope, none.

I started watching Greek and it's cute :) Rusty is such a lovely character! As all of you can imagine my main ship is Casey/Cappie, so no arguments on that. I watched only 2.5 episodes, so have a pretty long road ahead of me. It's not cancelled is it? Well, whatever, it's so much fun! College shows are always a bit more enjoyable for me, maybe because they're more relatable since I've graduated from high school 6 years ago and college 2 years ago (OMG I'M OLD!)

It smells like Turkish coffee here. Dark, bitter Turkish coffee.

My cousin is getting married this Saturday and the wedding reception will be here in Istanbul, close to our house, therefore we will be hosting most of the guests in our house which is going to be a very verryyy tiring process. I'm hoping to have most of the Sunday for myself but future is not so bright...

On top of that I have to go and buy a dress for the cocktail. I wish they hadn't seen my other two cocktail dresses, because I hate shopping, especially when I have no idea what to buy from where. Grr.

And almost all of my female cousins got married, I'm officially the next in line and I don't even have a boyfriend to nominate for being my husband. How sad is that? I'm not dreading being single, but well, if the elder ladies in my family starts setting me up with guys they know I think I'll move back to New York!

But no matter what, life is good guys. We're all still alive and healthy and I'll be watching True Blood tonight, which is another good thing!


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