thelake: (thrones: none for rickon bye)

thelake: (thrones: none for rickon bye)


I bought another Stark tshirt from RIPT apparel last month, it still hasn't arrived, but whatever, this design is amazing. Bought it without even thinking. International shipping is available, it was $16 in total. Pretty good deal for a limited design. Love it.
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Stolen from [ profile] darlingbones

1. Open your .gif folder.
2. Use every third .gif as a reaction to the statement.

Your parents' reaction when you were born:

Winter is coming... in gif format. )

And the code for the lazy bums )
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Just bought this shirt from RIPT Apparel. 24 hour deal, 10$ (17.70 with shipping/handling), international shipping available. You might want to buy this awesomeness before time runs out!


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>> My vacation is over, I'm back at work and at a complete loss. I have no idea what I was supposed to before I left for vacation. Oh well, it'll come to me, I'm sure.

>> Vacation was pretty boring after 3 days, but I got a very nice tan so I'm happy.

>> One thing I missed the most during my vacation is the Game of Thrones posts on both ONTD and ONTD_asoiaf. How lame of me, right? NO, YOU'RE WRONG. THEY'RE AWESOME.

>> I hate my hair today. Woke up early to straighten it, did so and as soon as I turned of the straigthner it went back to being all wavy and crappy. Oh hair, why are you doing this to me? We used to get along so well! It's the freaking humid weather, I know it.

>> I'm contemplating on buying a ticket for the last HP movie. I will either go alone on Wednesday or wait forever for someone to come with me and end up not going. So yeah. Let me check if there's still empty seats for the 7pm showing on Wednesday. I can go directly after work. It might be fun... Yup, there are plenty of empty seats EVEN ON THE MIDNIGHT SHOWING ON TUESDAY NIGHT. I'm so tempted to buy a ticket for the midnight, but also I'm pretty sure I'll fall asleep before the movie ends, so not gonna risk it.

>> Just ordered the paperback copies of the first two books on A Song of Ice and Fire series. First one is for archiving purposes, second one is for me to read properly because I got so tired of trying to read it on my iPhone.

>> It's like a thousand degrees outside, but I'm cold at the office. Hopefully I won't have a blinding headache today, because that's what happens every Monday.
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Yes, I am back from a week long vacation and all I wanted to share was a Game of Thrones video =)) Stanning is the way to go.
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It's almost 3am here and i came back from work just half an hour ago. Stayed at the office for 16 hours, worked for 8, but it was the wrong 8. The project i'm currently working on is so badly managed i want to puke.
Whatever, i am leaving this Friday and coming back on July 11th, so i'm fine. Today counts as a sacrifice for a good vacation.
But next time i will say no. This post is a reminder.

Also, i love Game of Thrones. That is a fact.

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I've spent the previous 2 days on ONTD, posting Game of Thrones related articles, stanning on new party posts and basically becoming the top commenter on that evil website.

posts tagged "game of thrones"

Check out my new GoT moodtheme, it's flawless.

I should really get some real work done today tho. Need to write and finish a fic for a bigbang. Fun tiems ahead. I shall turn off my ONTD notifications and block it somehow. Seriously.

ETA: AAANNNDDD just as I clicked post, somebody posted another GoT post on ONTD. LOL. FML. But I won't go in there or else [ profile] awakencordy will behead me.
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I would be crying my eyes out right now if I weren't at the office.

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★ I attempted to update here several times in these past weeks, but always felt like I didn't have anything substantial to say. Still feel like it, but whatever. All my f-list is updating and I'm afraid people will forget I exist and defriend me or something...

★ Been listening to Adele's Hiding My Heart for a couple of days and it's not doing me any good. I'm a bit disappointed in myself on the heart and feelings department and I've been feeling a little lonely for a while, so listening to Adele is like going on a suicidal mission willingly.

★ Another disappointment I had this week was the Bones season finale. Rest of this paragraph might still be spoilery for some of you, so I'll cut right here. )

★ How awesome is Game of Thrones? I love how it's critically acclaimed and epic and all that jazz. Of course it is, because it's not tv, it's HBO.

★ Remember the time I told you I was gonna start looking for another job? Hah. I'm doing NOTHING about it. Well, for my defense, there have been some major organizational changes in the company and now our department is a research and development unit which is awesome and means more money, so I'm hoping to get a piece of that pie.

★ Speaking of pie, I've gained so much weight it's insane. A coworker asked me if I gained weight before she said good morning (rude much?), so I take it as an emergency and start dieting. I'm not gonna starve myself, but I am also aware that I have been eating A LOT OF junk food and pastries lately. I quit. And I gotta start swimming. Summer is here. As soon as they put the sunbeds by the pool, I am there. I already have a natural lifesaver around my belly from eating too much cake. HA HA HA, not funny at all. I hate it. It feels like I have passed my prime and slowly falling into a pit of belly fat and boring days. I'm not obsessed with physical appearance, but I remember myself being all thin, fit and energetic and my current situation feels like shit to be honest. I need to change my ways and losing some of this weight will surely make me feel a bit better. Hopefully.

★ I believe I have sufficiently made your day a little bit more depressing, so mission accomplished. See you at my next post which will probably happen at a distant time in the future.
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Credit for this gratious gif of Nymeria the awesomest direwolf in the face of the earth goes to devilyouknow @ tumblr.
Look at that face, look at those ears and that silky fur! This animal is the best and you know it.
You asked for your gloves, but Nymeria is no ordinary direwolf, go get your gloves yourself you lowly human!

ETA: Oh yeah, life... Life is boring and exactly the same as before, so no need to mention it in this post. Don't want to offend Nymeria with my nonsense human stuff.


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