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2019-06-19 05:32 pm

Semi-Friends Only

This journal is semi-friends only

I mostly make public posts, but extremely personal posts will be friends only.

If you want to add me, please commment to this post so I'll know a real person is adding me :) I'll add you right back, because more friends is always a good thing!

If you are here for my icons, please go to [ profile] threelayers. That is my graphics journal (along with my two bffs).

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2012-12-31 04:44 pm
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2012-01-01 01:41 pm
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2011-12-31 05:31 pm
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2011-12-30 09:38 pm
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2011-12-27 07:33 pm


I have absolutely no idea what I've done for myself in past couple of weeks. Remember going to my friend's wedding, but nothing after it. Work was (surprisingly) busy. Just finished my 2-day training on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. It was boring, but allowed me to come home early and have a speedy recovery from my regular Monday syndrome. (Downton Abbey helped a lot with that as well!)

Wanted to update about a lot of things but nothing interesting is happening. Sometimes I think I have this paid account for nothing. LOL.

I should update my scrapbook and get ready for the "end of year review" post I'll do on Friday! (or Saturday.) Last year's was so much fun!

Started watching Hawaii Five-0. It's delightful! ♥ I love Danny and adore the Danny/Steve dynamic. Also Grace Park, you have the most beautiful smile and Kono is badass. I'm still towards the end of Season 1 so no spoilers please.

I haven't written a single word for 3 weeks (maybe more, not sure), it's bad. I thought I was done with my writer's block. I guess it's not that easy.

Also, I'm reading all of your entries, but too lazy to comment on all, sorry if you think I'm one of your invisible friends, I am not, I promise! I just don't know what to say most of the time. *hugs you all*

People keep asking me what I'm doing for new year's eve and my answer is "nothing, hanging with the family" as usual. It's not like I want to go out and spend it with a bunch of strangers in a stuffed club, but it feels weird after sometime to tell people I have NO PLANS for ANY SPECIAL DAY EVER.

Meeeh, whatever.

Oh and merry belated Christmas to all! I'm more active on Twitter so I usually forget to celebrate special days on here. Oh LJ, why can't I use you more frequently? Why? I think it's the downtime issue. Hopefully it won't happen again anytime soon. I love LJ and I really don't want to leave here even though I'm barely around as it is.
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2011-12-26 07:52 pm



Also, hi.
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2011-12-04 02:22 pm
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2011-11-27 12:50 am
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Why am I still watching this?
Oh yeah, [ profile] awakencordy and [ profile] glenien are still watching it so I don't want to be left out.
But ugh.
I am in a rage.
Also disgust.
I can't even.
It's not even fun to make fun of it anymore.
It's THAT bad.
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2011-11-21 12:05 pm
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Full Deathly Hallows: Part 2 'When Harry Left Hogwarts' documentary



So amazing ♥ Not done with watching yet, continue after lunch, but still, SO MANY MEMORIES ;_;
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2011-11-21 08:55 am

Game of Thrones Season 2!

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2011-11-03 01:43 pm
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Rainy and a healthier day

Feeling much better than yesterday, but stayed home just in case... Ate bland pasta with yogurt for lunch, now drinking sage tea with a slice of lemon and contemplating on taking my medicine. Dad says I should, so I probably will, but now I'm slightly paranoid about what I'm eating/drinking.

For those who missed yesterday's entry or just viewing my public ones: I have a slight problem with my excretory system this week.

It is--well, was raining and it was amazing. Had some fresh air in the balcony and have a nice chat with my goldfish.

Yes, I chat with my goldfish, sue me.

Also I'm watching my tv shows like I have no care in the world which is awesome, plus they finally installed the fiberoptic cables so we can select a high-speed internet package whenever we want! Hoooray! We're definitely getting a 50mbps unlimited package! Only 109 liras a month which is a bargain regarding our current situation. (2 mbps for 69 liras)

I'll go back to my TV/nap combo and cherish this day with the least number of visits to the loo. Woohoo!

Yes I'm still watching Sabrina.
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2011-10-26 10:26 pm
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Help Turkey via LJ

Help Turkey by gifting your friends a pretty tulip in a heart ♥
Only 2.99 in here.

The 2011 Van earthquake was a destructive magnitude 7.2 Mw earthquake that struck eastern Turkey near the predominantly city of Van on Sunday, 23 October 2011 at 13:41 local time. It occurred at a shallow depth of 20 km (12.4 mi), causing heavy shaking across much of eastern Turkey and being felt across much of the Near East. Extensive areas sustained heavy damage to their structures, and as many as 1,000 people were feared dead. (More at Wikipedia here)
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2011-10-24 12:02 pm
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For foreign donations


Donation page for Turkish Red Crescent is

IBAN can be used to donate local search and rescue team (AKUT)

Emergency desk of the Turkish Foreign Ministry: +90 312 248 70 00 (10 lines)


For foreign donations, Sarmasik-Efeu can be contacted at any time, should questions arise:

Sarmasik-Efeu e.V.
IBAN: DE89 3055 0000 0093 349884


Another fund for relief is TPF Van Earthquake Relief Fund:

“100 % of your contributions will go to AKUT, Kizilay and TPF grantee partners who are directly involved with Van, to help victims recover from the devastating effects of the earthquake.”

*** ALSO you can text GIVE TURKEY to 80088 to donate $10 to Turkey Earthquake Relief Fund via Global Giving -check link below


Toronto Kurdish Community organized #Van relief community. To send aid: 416 272 5619 / 416 938 0017 contact
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2011-10-14 09:59 am
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This is like crack to me.


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2011-10-10 09:48 am
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Russian Unicorn

Thanks to Kristen Bell's tweet about Bad Lip Reading! I wouldn't have had any idea about this video if it wasn't for her.

THE SONG IS SOOOO GOOD =)) Oh, the night is young now baby we could shoot a Russian unicorn!! ~~

Michael Bublé's response to the video )
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2011-10-09 11:10 am

Brief PSA


Is there anything more beautiful than a smiling baby? No.
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2011-09-29 04:09 pm


Amazing Mary/Matthew fanvideo to Adele's Someone Like You ♥ (snagged from [ profile] fauxkaren).
Spoilers for Downton Abbey, all aired episodes.

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2011-09-26 10:16 pm
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Holy cow this was unexpected. Pan Am was GREAT. I mean... GREAT as in FLAWLESS. I was already sold in the first few minutes, but then I saw him and screamed with joy.

[ profile] katayla will probably understand me better since we were probably the only 2 people on LJ who watched Scrubs' last season with the interns.

OTP? Anyone?

Whatever, PAN AM is great. Watch it and if NBC ABC decides to cancel this, I'm going to cut a bitch. Seriously. Plus, I'm really hopeful because I've heard nothing but good stuff about it. YAY!

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2011-09-26 09:06 pm

Downton Abbey!

I was commenting on [ profile] fauxkaren's entry and decided to make my comment into a reaction post.

Downton Abbey is slowly becoming my life... )

I'll start watching Upstairs Downstairs (new version, not the ancient one) once Downton Abbey goes on a break, mostly because I don't want to stay away from the environment too much and Alex Kingston will join the show in series 2.