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Just watched Life as We Know It and Burlesque for the second time. I forgot how lovely Life as We Know It was! ♥ Definitely one of my all time favourites now.

SOPHIEEEE ♥ (and the way Josh Duhamel holds that baby, guh.)


Sep. 24th, 2011 10:10 am
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- Thank god it's Saturday. This week felt a lot longer that it already is.

- Why is the weather still fine and dandy? I want cold, I want rain! LET IT RAIN!

- The Secret Circle is boring, I won't watch it anymore.


- Haven't watched Community yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

- The Vampire Diaries is being awesome in every way except Damon. He is weird.

- I need to lose weight and stop eating junk/fried/baked foods. Starting... soon.

- Going downstairs to have breakfast now.
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Here is a quick update:

- Downton Abbey owns my soul.
- How I Met Your Mother's return brought me much joy and excitement.
- The Playboy Club is immensely stupid.
- I seriously felt my blood boil at the office today. It was intense and unpleasant.
- People are really lucky that I didn't get up and just murder someone.
- I had an annoying headache all day and my boiling blood didn't help at all.
- I now know how it feels to unreasonably hate someone and I don't like it one bit.
- It's not even a love-hate situation. It's pure hate.
- I'll go to the hospital with mom tomorrow, just to accompany her. Nothing serious, it's just she doesn't want to go to the doctor alone anymore, I think she's getting older.
- But if there's something more serious that she's not telling me, then I probably won't think twice before cutting a bitch.
- Tell me where I can find pretty Downton Abbey icons.
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Happy birthday tooo meeee ~~

I can't belive I am 26 now. It's scary and so close to 30 ;_; but happy at the same time. I am healthy, content, mostly cheerful.

Also, DOWNTON ABBEY IS BACK! I can't wait to go home and watch it! SO EXCITED!
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Although my birthday is still a week away, today I received the biggest gift package from my friends!

These were in a huge box and oh it was such a thrilling experience to open them all! ♥

Do you want to know what was inside those pretty packages? )
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The show, Smash, revolves around a group of characters who come together to put on a Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. But before that can happen, the people who will try to bring it all together must deal with their own personal acts. The series will feature original music by composers Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman.

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I bought another Stark tshirt from RIPT apparel last month, it still hasn't arrived, but whatever, this design is amazing. Bought it without even thinking. International shipping is available, it was $16 in total. Pretty good deal for a limited design. Love it.
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My beloved TV shows are coming back and I have 498343 additional new ones to watch. I'm hoping our fiber internet will get connected soon so downloading all of these won't be a big hassle.

My monster TV schedule )


Aug. 31st, 2011 06:33 pm
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I have never been this bored since I was 9 or something.
It's driving me insane.
Nothing can entertain me.
No book, movie, game or tv show is fun enough.
Has my life finally come to this?
On top of being bored I feel extremely aimless.
And that is sad.

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I am WitchGold83 btw, add me as your friend! And please tell me who you are :))
I only know who NightMahogany43 is, and that's [ profile] katayla.
I have PatronusGlow158 and PixieFloo166 as friends also but don't know who they are LOL *shame*

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I'm bored and cramping in my girly parts so I wanted to cheer myself up. DOING THIS AGAIN LIKE A BOSS.

1. Open your .gif folder.
2. Use every third .gif as a reaction to the statement.

Let's put all of this under a cut this time around. )
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Stolen from [ profile] darlingbones

1. Open your .gif folder.
2. Use every third .gif as a reaction to the statement.

Your parents' reaction when you were born:

Winter is coming... in gif format. )

And the code for the lazy bums )
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Just bought this shirt from RIPT Apparel. 24 hour deal, 10$ (17.70 with shipping/handling), international shipping available. You might want to buy this awesomeness before time runs out!


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Did I just watch that? Seriously?

If I were Alexander Skarsgard, I would say "Fuck this and fuck you all, this is not the Eric Northman I signed up for. Goodbye, DIAF!" and leave.

Don't have anything to say for Sookie, she's always been that tacky.

I regret not downloading Leverage episodes first.
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I love these videos!

Hey You! What Song Are You Listening To? (ISTANBUL)
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I was talking to [ profile] torigates and decided to turn my "Suits introduction comment" into an actual entry.

I think you should all watch Suits and this is why:

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is a hotshot NYC lawyer, Mike (Patrick J. Adams) is a pothead, but crazy smart and takes LSATs for other people. Mike gets into trouble with drug dealers and runs into Harvey's law firm's interview room to get rid of the cops.

Harvey is very interested in Mike's brain, he hires him as his associate, but Mike has to lie about his Harvard degree.

Also Gina Torres (Jessica) is the firm's owner and one of the senior partners ANNND has crazy sexual chemistry with Harvey.

Donna, Harvey's assitant, is the most amazing person on Earth.

People are attractive.
Story's set in NYC.
It can easily be crossed with White Collar and I'm kind of shipping Harvey/Neal/Mike.
So yeah.

Here, have some gifs.

In order: Harvey, Mike, Jessica, Donna

Mike, Jessica, Donna )

In Time

Aug. 7th, 2011 05:30 pm
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I've been looking forward to this movie for a while now. Hopefully it won't disappoint. By "it" I mean Justin Timberlake.


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