May. 2nd, 2011

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I am in love with Game of Thrones. It started with "OOHH PRETTY SHOW!" and now I care about everyone (except Lannisters)! This will end bad, I know ;__;

I can't be happier on the TV front. This year has been really good so far.

Oh except Camelot. I can't seem to be interested in anyone over there. Everyone is either completely clueless, crazy or cruel. I don't like. I'll watch the latest episode and if that doesn't do it for me I'm out for good.

My work load is lighter! Hooray! I haven't done ANYTHING today and actually got away with it! REJOICE! :D

Got a haircut 2 weeks ago, but I'm too lazy to make it pretty every morning. I'm starting to regret that decision, but keeping it short gives me so much extra time during showers so I'll just shut up and go with the flow.

Everyone's catching a cold lately. I'm still in the safe zone, but afraid it won't last long. We're having really weird weather out here. It's rainy, cold, warm, humid, freezing, windy at the same time. I'm not even kidding. It's strange. It was really cold this morning so I said "what the hell!" and wore my turtleneck and the it suddenly got really hot and I was walking around with a black turtleneck like a stupid person. It's time to switch to "cardigans over t-shirts" phase.

Life's pretty boring in general. I'm planning or arranging a little get together with a couple of friends from college, but I'm too lazy to call people up and learn their schedules. I always end up making the plans and suffering from the consequences later, so I'm waiting for them to arrange stuff, but let's be honest, it'll never happen. *le sigh*

What should I watch now? I'm done with the 1st season of Shameless. Loved it towards the end. Looking forward to the new season next year. Also downloaded The Crimson Petal and The White just for Romola Garai. Is it any good?

I really want a Game of Thrones mood theme. I shall go back to my Legend of the Seeker set until someone decides to make a GoT one.


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