Apr. 8th, 2011

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Yeah, I still remember Rebecca Black exists. Moving on...

I had my long awaited ultrasound today and guess what, THE STONE IS STILL IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE!

My exact reaction when the doctor showed me the god damned stone:

On the brighter side, it seems like it's not gonna move anytime soon and it got smaller somehow. I will continue drinking all sorts of juices and herbal teas to make it go away. AT LEAST IT DOESN'T HURT. But the idea of it still being there makes me uncomfortable. Dad told me to forget about it, so I'll try... until next time it hurts like a bitch and I have to be tied to the bed. Yes. Case closed. Dismissed. Overruled. Whatever.

SO YES, I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THE GOOD WIFE! IT IS GOOOOOOOOOD. Very very good. I'm still on Season 1, because it takes forever to finish the episodes! FEELS LIKE 2 HOURS INSTEAD OF 42 MINUTES! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? Not that I'm complaining, but still! WEIRD!

And Vampire Diaries is back, wohoo! Yesterday's episode was pretty good, but not "HOLY SHIT" worthy.

On a completely unrelated note: I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE. I've been so lazy this past MONTH, it's insane. It's like I am out of writing juice. My brain can't focus on one idea and keep going with it and it's driving me crazy. To be honest it's mostly making me sad, but crazy part is still in there.

So yeah, I might just suck it up and try to write something, anything for the sake of writing, because I feel like if I stop writing, I have nothing better to do in life. Sounds a little depressed, doesn't it? Yeah, you got it.
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Just watched the Britney Spears MTV special "I Am Femme Fatale" and I miss old Britney so much. I know, I know, NO1CURR, BUT SHE KINDA REPRESENTS MY TEENAGE YEARS! Whenever I see this new not-so-dancy and slightly depressed Britney I remember I grew up and people won't be dancing in high school corridors, yelling "hit me baby one more time". It's just sad guys, so sad. I can't even explain it... I feel so nostalgic right now ;__;

Look at her being awesome and energetic and young and pretty and BASICALLY BEING A TEENAGE DREAM.

And of course who can forget the 2001 VMAs with the awesomest snake in the world )

And I strongly believe that Till the World Ends is a rip off from I'm a Slave for You )


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