Jan. 8th, 2011

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Went to shopping with my mom today. First 30 mins. were pretty enjoyable and productive, but then mom went all "crazy customer" in one of the stores, something related to not being able to understand where the check out line starts, but unlike her, I CANNOT CARE LESS whenever something like that happens in a store. I just wait, pay and leave. After we left the store she scolded me pretty bad! I said "What the fuck mom? Chill the fuck down." in a more humanly manner without the fucks and stuff, but she was convinced that I made her look bad.

After several facepalms later, she dragged me to a fitness center (in which I have a 6 month membership ((A GIFT FROM MY UNCLE THAT APPARENTLY KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT ME)) that was about to expire in February ((THANK GOD!)) and I haven't even been there once) After learning how little time left on the membership (oh my god, horror... NOT) she forced me to go with her until Feb. I couldn't say anything because fitness centers intimidate me! I'm going tomorrow MORNING to get my measurements done and receive my program for the week. "WHAT THE FUCK!!!!11!??" I said to myself while leaving the center, but too late. The appointment is at 10 am for tomorrow. The lady who arranged the stuff has the same name with me, Dilek, and was pretty cute with everything SO IT INTIMIDATED ME EVEN MORE. GOD, I HATE IT. I can't even...

I know some of you love working out, but it's just not for me. I get bored and don't see the point, really. Although, if I really have to, I saw a Latin dance class at noon, MAYBE I can entertain myself with that. I don't know...

Whatever. I bought something, let me show you with crappy photos.

Forgive my retarded personality while taking these photos. They're really bad. )

Weird day was weird. I'm doing this fitness center thing for my mom. When February comes, I'm out. I have better things to do in that time frame... like, watching TV and writing? Yeah. Lame stuff, but MY STUFF.


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